Bill Russell flips off Charles Barkley at NBA Awards show

Ryan Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor
NBA legend Bill Russell flipped off Charles Barkley on live television during the NBA Awards on Monday night. (Twitter/TheBillRussell)

Bill Russell clearly hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

During the NBA Awards show on Monday night in Santa Monica, California, Charles Barkley started thanking the Celtics legend while speaking on stage.

Russell, when the cameras panned to him, gave Barkley a “thank you” of his own.

He gave Barkley the middle finger.

Why? Well, Russell tweeted out that it was just “instinct.”

“Sorry everyone. I forgot it was live TV and I can’t help myself whenever I see Charles it just is pure instinct,” Russell tweeted.

This isn’t a new thing for him, either.

Kevin Garnett posted a photo to Instagram earlier this year of Russell with Chauncey Billups where Russell flipped off that camera man, too.

I guess when you’ve won the most NBA championships in league history, you’re allowed to flip the bird on live television.

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