Woman fined for wearing a teeny bikini on holiday in Philippines, is swimwear censorship on the rise?

A tourist has been fined for wearing a teeny bikini in the Philippines [Photo: Getty]
A tourist has been fined for wearing a teeny bikini in the Philippines [Photo: Getty]

A female tourist has been fined for wearing a tiny bikini on holiday in the Philippines.

The woman opted to wear her “piece of string” swimwear while visiting popular tourist island of Boracay in the Philippines last week.

But when pictures of the woman’s risqué swimwear choice started circulating on social media, she caught the attention of the Boracay Inter-Agency Rehabilitation Management Group (BIARMG), which then notified police.

Photos of the tiny white bikini show it didn’t just feature a G-string style at the back, but also at the front.

But the look didn’t necessarily go down well with locals and according to reports citing local newspaper the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the woman was issued a citation for violating an ordinance that forbids the taking and displaying of "erotic and lewd" photographs and hit with a fine of 2,500 pesos (approximately £38.50).

Jess Baylon, the Police Chief of Malay, which includes the Boracay, told the publication: “Several residents and tourists took photos of her on Wednesday and Thursday because of what she was wearing.

“It was literally a string. In our conservative culture, it is unacceptable.”

The Inquirer reports that while there are no laws for wearing indecent clothing, she was given the ticket for violating a law that prohibits the taking and display of “lewd” photographs.

Natividad Bernardino, head of the BIAMRG, said: “Foreign tourists should observe proper decorum as a form of respect for Philippine culture and tradition.

“We have our own cultural values as Filipinos and Asians. They should be able to respect that. There is no dress code but it is just common sense.

“They were told not to by the hotel management, but they said it was a form of art.”

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Swimwear censorship is becoming a hot topic recently.

Last week an Australian theme park caused controversy by introducing a swimwear policy for visitors.

Adventure World in Perth shared a post to their Facebook page reminding people it’s a “family friendly park” and urging guests to “choose appropriate swimwear when visiting.”

The park included revealing what the theme park deems to be acceptable and unacceptable swimwear.

But the reaction to the new swimwear dress code was mixed.

While some welcomed the new policy, others thought the censorship was a step too far.

The increase in potential swimwear censorship seems to have corresponded with the shrinking of certain styles.

From ultra hip-grazing bikini bottoms made famous by the supermodel set to barely-there costumes and underboob bikinis, swimwear trends seem to have become more revealing of late.

And it is not a look favoured by everyone.

Earlier this year, one mum took to parenting forum Mumsnet after spotting an advertisement for the ‘front thong bodysuit’ on her social media.

“It popped up as an ad on my Facebook. I understand the bodysuit trends, but surely this would result in being split entirely in two, or the world’s worst front wedgie,” she wrote.

In another instance, an extremely revealing one-piece swimsuit sent the internet into meltdown.

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Even celebrities have found themselves on the end of the bikini police.

Earlier this year Rita Ora was criticised for the size of her swimwear, with some fans taking to the comments section to share their opinion on the style of bikini she’d chosen during a holiday to Ibiza.

“Your bikinis never fit you,” remarked one, while another suggested that the BRIT award nominee chooses to shop at kids stores, saying, “Still buying bikinis from Mothercare.”

And back in the summer one of the street style set’s go-to brands, Cult Gaia, divided fashion followers after releasing a see-through bikini with a ‘censor bar’ to conceal your modesty.

After advertising the Shalese Bikinivia Instagram, the brand was criticised by some who questioned how practical the must-have would actually be on holiday.

“Adorable, but serious question here, can you swim with it?” one social media user commented.