The biggest Kardashian-Jenner Photoshop fails of 2020

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Photo credit: instagram/kim kardashian + khloe kardashian
Photo credit: instagram/kim kardashian + khloe kardashian

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The Kardashian-Jenners are no stranger to a social media post, and are likely the most followed family in the whole world. But that doesn't stop them from having the occasional Photoshop fail, when fans notice they've edited a photo a little too strongly, or have gone ham on the smoothing tool. But hey, worst things have happened at sea, eh?

When Kim had extra fingers in her hair

In May, fans accused Kim of a major manipulation, questioning whether she has edited two photos together, and accidentally left a couple of her own fingers in her hair.

In the photo in question, Kim is seen facing a wall with her hands up above her head, flat on the wall. On the right side of her hair, in line with her elbow a couple of CMs down, fans have pointed out that it looks like two fingers have been left on the back of her head. This would suggest Kim had one hand on the back of her head initially, before Photoshopping both hands so they were on the wall. It's hard to spot due to the snakeprint, but once you see it? You can't look away.

When Kylie's pool had a suspicious dip

Kylie went for a little, er, dip, when fans called her out for the bendy poolside. Back in April, eagle eyed fans noticed Kylie actually re-uploaded an Instagram picture, after fans accused her of Photoshop. This was the original:

And this was the second upload (the fourth picture):

The latter version featured a tighter crop, so the edge of the pool can't be seen at all.

When Khloe looked quite different irl

Khloe came under fire in the summer, when fans realised one of her Instagram pictures was from the same day as filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and it wouldn't be unreasonable to say the pictures look quite different.

Many jumped to Khloe's defence over what the internet dubbed the "Instagram versus reality" picture, pointing out that she is only a subject of her surroundings, and you can't blame the 36-year-old for using the tools at her disposal when she has been so heavily ridiculed for her looks.

When Kim's forearm went missing

After her 40th birthday island party, Kim shared a photo arm-in-arm with Khloé and Kourtney with the caption "☀️ Girls just wanna have sun ☀️"

The bikinis are high rise and and the poses are practiced, but followers quickly spotted something different about Kim: part of her left arm is missing. If you look closely at the gap between Kim and Khloé, the arm really does just disappear. Hmm.

When Kylie's fingers were ~very~ smooth

In May, Kylie shared a number of photos in a bodysuit next to a very fancy handbag. And while many fans were obsessed with how great she looks, others called her out for a little bit too much editing.

The second photo shows Kylie with her hands on her face and her feet crossed behind her, and trolls questioned why her little finger was so smooth, and contained very little natural creases.

"I think that finger looks Photoshopped," one person wrote, while another added, "Photoshop as always." A third said, "Why are you so smooth?" while another added, "This finger looks strange."

When Kendall's dress strap went missing

In a photo from Kim Kardashian's 40th birthday party, Khloe revealed in the caption that she wanted to Photoshop their other sister, Kylie into the pic. But it wasn't long until fans realised some Photoshop had been going on anyway.

"I was thinking about Photoshopping Kylie into this photo," Khloe wrote. Fans pointed out that Kendall's black dress strap around her neck seemed to disappear into her chest, though it's unclear what the editing was actually trying to achieve. Hmm.

When Kim's wall was curved

Ahh, the oldest Photoshop fail in the book. Kim shared a mirror selfie back in January, showing off her skin-tight metallic mini skirt, beige crop top and stilettos. But fans were quick to notice things appeared to be curved in the middle and right side of the image — and the door frame has a fairly obvious curvature to it. Anything to say, Kim?

Ahh, Kardashians.

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