The Life Edit podcast reveals the big health danger we're ignoring

Watch: Everything you need to know about antibiotic resistance

Love podcasts, and looking for the one that covers everything important in the world? The one that comes in bitesized, digestible episodes and makes you laugh, think, and want to join in the chat?

That would be The Life Edit, Yahoo Life's brand new podcast, where each episode, senior lifestyle editor Flic Everett speaks to the experts about the big topics on our radar.

The Life Edit covers what's hot at the online shops, what the royals are up to and all the trends you need to know about, along with advice on homes and gardens, travel and relationships.

It also looks at the big health issues in our lives - and right now, that's the next danger facing us, that we should all know about.

Listen now: Why resistance to antibiotics is one of the biggest threats to your health

Antibiotic resistance is a huge and growing global problem, as these common drugs, prescribed daily, are having less effect on debilitating – sometimes, even life-threatening – conditions.

This week's special guest on The Life Edit is Yahoo UK's health reporter, Alexandra Thompson. She explains exactly what's gone wrong, and why – and how we can keep ourselves safe.

"This has been an ongoing issue for decades," says Alexandra. "We're reaching a critical point where some infections will become incurable."

She explains the growing problem of MRSA, superbugs and warns "This is something we have to deal with now."

Flic and Alexandra discuss antibiotic resistance and separate fact from fiction
Flic and Alexandra discuss antibiotic resistance and separate fact from fiction

But it's not all gloom - Flic also reveals what's got her through lockdown (spoiler: they have furry ears) and Alexandra explains the path we can still take out of danger.

All of this and more will be discussed in The Life Edit - Do not miss it.

New episodes drop every Thursday, so make a note, and be in the know.

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