Big weddings set to return from 21 June, report says

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Large weddings with more than 30 guests will be allowed to resume from 21 June 2021, ministers are reportedly set to announce (Getty Images)
Large weddings with more than 30 guests will be allowed to resume from 21 June 2021, ministers are reportedly set to announce (Getty Images)

The prime minister is preparing to announce that couples will be allowed to go ahead with big wedding plans from 21 June, it has been reported.

The Daily Telegraph cited government sources as saying they were confident weddings involving more than 30 people - the number of guests currently allowed - would be permitted as long as coronavirus case numbers do not rise exponentially.

It comes amid fears that the variant of Covid-19 that first emerged in India may cause a significant spike in infections and hospitalisations as England lifted more lockdown restrictions this week.

But Boris Johnson said on Thursday during a press conference: “I am still seeing nothing in the data that leads me to think that we’re going to have to deviate from the roadmap.”

He promised to give the public an update on the outcome of a government review into relaxing social restrictions “by the end of the month”.

The government hopes to lift all social restrictions, including social distancing and the wearing of face masks, no earlier than 21 June if the data shows it is safe to do so.

A source from Whitehall told The Telegraph: “There’s increasing confidence that vaccines are working against all variants and the data doesn’t seem to be changing too drastically in terms of case numbers and hospitalisations.

“As long as there are no significant changes over the next few days, there is cautious optimism.”

But some reports have said the prime minister may decide to delay lifting lockdown restrictions further if the Indian variants spreads rapidly in the coming weeks.

It came as health secretary Matt Hancock revealed that “majority” of people being hospitalised with the mutant strain had not been vaccinated, or had not yet received their second dose. He urged people to come forward for their vaccinations, adding: “This is on all of us, we are masters of our own fate.”

The UK Weddings Taskforce, which represents and supports the recovery of wedding businesses amid the pandemic, said it was told there would be a “full and unrestricted reopening” of the industry from 21 June.

The taskforce said on Friday: “Mixed messages from press are unhelpful. The Weddings Taskforce was told by ministers 48 hours ago that we were on-track for reopening 21/6.

“If the announcement Boris Johnson indicated he would give next week is not forthcoming we need to hear why. We will hold them to account.”

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