Big Macs are gone but cheeseburgers and nuggets are still on the menu as McDonald's reopens in Russia under new name

Customers pictured eating at the rebranded McDonald's flagship store in Moscow
The rebranded McDonald's opened its first flagship store in Moscow on Sunday.Reuters
  • The first rebranded McDonald's opened on Sunday and is still selling burgers, nuggets and sundaes.

  • US chain announced its exit from Russia last month and sold its 850 stores to a franchise holder.

  • The menu, packaging and most fittings look almost identical to a McDonald's outlet.

A former McDonald's store in Moscow reopened on Sunday for the first time since the American fast food chain sold its operations to a Russian businessman.

The chain is now called Vkusno & tochka, which translates as either "Delicious. Full Stop", according to the AFP news agency, or 'Tasty and that's it", Reuters reported.

Crowds gathered outside the flagship Moscow store where the chain's new logo and menu were unveiled. The same outlet was the first McDonald's to open its doors in Russia in 1990.

The chain no longer sells Big Macs, but the rest of the menu is nearly identical to the previous offerings.  

Chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers and sundaes are all still available, with similar packaging to McDonald's, at slightly lower prices.

While the Filet-o-Fish has also disappeared, a fish burger is on offer at 169 roubles ($2.93), while a double cheeseburger costs 129 roubles ($2.31), Reuters reported. 

Fast food pictured on a tray
The fast-food chain plans to open 15 other stores in Moscow on Sunday.Reuters

Alexander Govor acquired hundreds of McDonald's stores in Russia after the chain announced it would exit the country following Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

He already operated 25 McDonald's in Siberia and committed to retaining all staff of the 850 Russian stores as part of the deal.

"The corporation asked me to, first of all, keep the headcount, to provide people with work. That's what I'm going to do," Govor told Reuters at the store opening. 

A customer seen ordering and paying for food.
Vkusno & tochka aim to open all 850 stores by the end of summer.Reuters

"The name changes, love stays," its new slogan says. The fast-food chain is set to open 15 other rebranded stores on Sunday in Moscow, Reuters reported.

The company plans to reopen another 200 stores by the end of June and all 850 outlets by the end of the summer.

Govor said his company would invest 7 billion roubles ($125 million) into the business this year.

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