The Big Gardening Poll: What kind of gardener are you?

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Photo credit: Country Living|Issy Muir
Photo credit: Country Living|Issy Muir

Our gardens fulfil a multitude of purposes and, for many of us, those purposes have changed over the last 18 months. Our gardens are outdoor sanctuaries and places to relax in; they are practical spaces for children to play in and alfresco social hubs for visiting friends and family. They are also, of course, where we practise our green-fingered hobby: planting, growing, tending to fruit and vegetables, pruning, catering for wildlife and feeding the birds.

So, with such a big topic to take on and with gardening so close to the heart of Country Living, we want to know all about your gardening habits. What do you already know and what do you want to learn? How do you use your space and what type of gardener are you?

Answer the questions below and let us learn from the best...

Thank you for taking the time to help us learn more about our green-fingered readers. We really appreciate it!

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