Big Coat Season Needs Justin Theroux's Tiny, Tiny Hat

Murray Clark
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Photo credit: Mega
Photo credit: Mega

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This year, Big Coat Season is a Sadness. All dressed up in a boxy, just-over-the-knee, merino cashmere wool blend overcoat, and nowhere to actually go. Oh come on now, don't get upset. It'll be over... soon? Please don't call me a liar.

And, please, use this fallow period as a research platform. Because over in New York, the high priest of Cool Single Brooklyn Art Dads, Justin Theroux, cut the ribbon on Big Coat Season (because it's still winter, even if you see less of it) and capped it off with a teeny, tiny hat.

Photo credit: Mega
Photo credit: Mega

It won't keep you that warm, and you may look like every other guy in Walthamstow who strongly argues that the latest Four Tet album is, like, a serious harmonic upgrade from the There Is Love In You era, but neither are bad things! Your blessed mother was talking smack when she said you lose most of your body heat from your head (you don't). So, if you've done Big Coat Season properly – woolly, cosy, and ideally with a few layers slotted underneath – then you're not really in the risk category for hypothermia.

That gives you carte blanche to invest in what has arguably been menswear's enduring top lid. As an artefact of the whole shipster thing (the ongoing movement in which we cosplay as grizzled trawlermen with emotional detachment issues), it's one of the easiest ways to sail into the trend without going full Nordic workwear god like Pierce Brosnan's turn in Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (who, coincidentally, was the only good thing about Eurovision Song Contest: The Store of Fire Saga).

Theroux shored it up with a gilet, because practical gorpcore is in, and a long black overcoat, because the tiny shipster hat works just as well for a Bushwick Bill Sikes. The result: a melting pot of easy-to-wear basics that graze multiple touchstones of HOT MENSWEAR in the times of acute cold and coronavirus. And like the 49-year-old's goooooooooood boy Kuma, your own best pal can get in on it too. Big Coat Season isn't over until we say it's over – and teeny, tiny hat day is in full swing (again).

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