Big Brother’s Tom: Everything you need to know

Big Brother has been absolutely packed with drama this season, and one housemate who has had fans gossiping is Tom. He’s found himself the centre of social media storms after drama with Noky, and clashes with Trish - who was evicted on Friday to shock from fans - and Henry. He was seen criticising the pair after they were seen giggling when his friend Paul was evicted.

But who is Tom?

He is one of only nine contestants who are currently left competing in the house and in with the chance of winning a massive £100,000 cash prize. From his age to his job and more, here is everything you need to know about Big Brother’s Tom.

How old is Big Brother's Tom?

Tom is currently the youngest housemate at aged 21, after 18-year-old Hallie was evicted.

Where is Big Brother's Tom from?

Tom is from Limington in Somerset. He described the area as a “little village” with an “average age” of “fifties or sixties”.

“I’m probably a bit young for them [Liminton women]... unless they’re minted,” he joked.

Where does Big Brother’s Tom work?

Tom works in a butcher’s, despite hating the “feeling of raw meat”, with the young housemate describing it as “cold and slimy”.

As well as working at a butcher’s, fans discovered that Tom has also appeared on reality TV before, with eagle-eyed fans spotting that he has previously appeared on the ITV show Kavos Weekender.

What has Tom said about Big Brother?

On why she wanted to apply for Big Brother, Tom said: “It’s just a bit of fun really, isn’t it? Something a bit different from day to day life… I think I might potentially offend some people. My mouth moves faster than my brain.”

On the part of the show he was most excited for, Tom added, “Just getting to sit there and chat shit with people all day”, while his friends and family would describe him as, “Quite loud and chatty. I like to think I’m quite funny but I don’t know if they agree.”

He explained to producers that if he won the prize money, he would either spend it on a “good couple of cars”, into savings for a house, or a “trip to Ibiza or somewhere”.

Big Brother continues on ITV2.

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