Big Brother Spoilers: Why Jared's Return To The Big Brother House May Be Short-Lived Following Showdown With Blue

 Jared Fields and Blue Kim in Big Brother Season 25.
Jared Fields and Blue Kim in Big Brother Season 25.

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds as of Friday, September 22nd. Read at your own risk!

Cameron Hardin and Jared Fields were evicted during Big Brother 25's double eviction, but a wild twist has given them a chance at a new life. As "zombies," they'll live in the house and compete for a chance to stay, but it seems like Jared might've already sabotaged whatever new opportunity he had to remain on the show. This all happened shortly after his return, in which he decided to have a serious talk with his showmance partner, Blue Kim.

CinemaBlend is watching Big Brother online with our Paramount+ subscription, and witnessed that Jared might've just cut off his second-closest ally in the game. Here's what went down and how it might sink Jared's game regardless of if he survives the week.

Blue Kim in Big Brother during a veto competition
Blue Kim in Big Brother during a veto competition

Jared Indicated To Blue That Their Showmance Is Over

Jared shouldn't have been surprised that nearly everyone targeted him following his Head of Household win during the double eviction, but he indicated to Julie Chen Moonves that he was shocked. Upon re-entering the house, Jared decided to go on the offensive and confronted Matt Klotz about why he didn't use the veto on him and Blue on why she withheld information about him being targeted.

Blue's conversation with Jared went worse than the one with Matt, and it even felt a bit personal. Jared, hurt that Blue knew there was a chance of him being sent home, indicated that he didn't want to work with her moving forward. When she asked if this was his way of breaking up with her, he said the following:

I ain't breaking up with you. One, we were never official.

Not only did he break up with her, but he went a step further to inform her that he never considered their showmance to be an actual relationship. What Blue, and maybe even some viewers only watching Big Brother episodes, may not know is Jared has a long-term girlfriend on the outside. This is partly why he's skated around becoming "official" with Blue, even throughout the various other romantic activities they've participated in.

Blue was clearly hurt by this, and it might've officially pushed her away from Jared for good. He left the house with two concrete allies, and now it would appear that he is down to one. He could've been more diplomatic with Blue, especially considering she has the power to destroy his game.

Blue Kim in Big Brother on CBS
Blue Kim in Big Brother on CBS

Will Blue Reveal Jared's Secret Now That They're Over?

If Jared and Blue are finished working together, then she has no obligation to protect his most closely guarded secret in the game. Sure, most of the Big Brother Houseguests already know that Cirie and Jared had a much closer alliance than anyone knew about at this point, but none of them are aware of why that is. If they discover from Blue that Jared is the Survivor legend's son, it's a wrap for both of them.

If showmances are considered a dangerous duo in the game, exposing the familial ties between two players is an absolute death sentence. By dropping Blue and seemingly being as harsh as possible about it, Jared might've ruined his own game and Cirie's as well. How can anyone in the game trust her if she kept a secret this big from all of her closest allies for this long? Take that, plus her masterful Survivor-inspired strategy thus far, and the target on her back will be so large she'll almost have to leave for the jury.

The question is, will Blue reveal Jared's secret? She's had opportunities to do so already in Big Brother, but her previous fights with him were minor tiffs compared to this one. If there's no reason on her end to protect him, sharing this information will only benefit her in finding stronger allies elsewhere and disassociating from their sinking ship.

Big Brother airs a new episode on Sunday, September 22, at 10:00 p.m. ET. Tune in to see the details behind Cameron and Jared's return and possibly learn more about what they must do to remain in the house come Thursday.