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This great value biscuit box is an ideal Blue Monday pick-me-up

This deal is bound to cheer up your week. (Nestle / Amazon / Yahoo Life UK)
This deal is bound to cheer up your week. (Nestle / Amazon / Yahoo Life UK)

January is always a bit of a dreary month due to the freezing weather and tight purse strings. Today is Blue Monday, which typically falls on the third Monday of the year, and is when people are most likely to report a feeling of sadness.

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  • Nestle The Big Biscuit Box

    Save £2
  • Cadbury Easter Creme Egg (Pack of 48)

    Save £7
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs Easter, 1kg bag

    Save £2
  • Cadbury & Oreo Biscuit 64 Selection Bulk Box

    Save £5
  • Finish Ultimate Infinity Shine Dishwasher Lemon 100 tabs

    Save £16
  • Russell Hobbs RHPH7001 700W Compact Portable Black Ceramic Plug in Fan Heater

    Save £5
  • Oral-B Pro 3 Electric Toothbrushes

    Save £60
  • Pinch of Nom Express: Fast, Delicious Food

    Save £12
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If you're really feeling the January blues today and are in need of a little pick-me-up, we've found a deal that doesn't cost a lot, is great value for money and is sure to bring a little bit of joy to you and your family.

Nestle's The Big Biscuit Box, which weighs an impressive 1.4kg, is currently reduced from £19.80 to £16.69 and is bound to stock up your biscuit stash for some time.

Nestle's The Big Biscuit Box: Quick Overview

🛍️ Product on sale: Nestle The Big Biscuit Box
💰 Best deal we've found: Now £16.69 down from £19.80
⭐ Average star rating: 4.7 out of five
🛒 Reasons to buy: A well needed pick-me-up during January and a excellent value bulk buy that will last you a while

Stock up on biscuit staples like Yorkie, KitKat, Breakaway and more with this variety box that has 71 chocolate biscuits inside. 

£17 at Amazon

This box is packed to the brim with treats, featuring an assortment of 71 chocolate bars including Breakaway, Blue Riband, Toffee Crisp, KitKat and Yorkie.

The reduced price works out at just 23p per bar, which we think is an unbeatable deal. Plus, they will all pair perfectly with a cuppa to combat your daily 3pm slump.

The bulk box is always a popular Amazon buy, in fact in the past month over 3,000 shoppers have already nabbed the great value box.

Nestle Big Biscuit Box
The Nestle Big Biscuit Box is sure to go down a treat. (Nestle / Amazon)
Nestle Big Biscuit Box
From KitKat's to Yorkie's it has all the family favourites. (Nestle / Amazon)

£16.69 £19.80 at Amazon

Don't just take our word for it - thousands of customers who have purchased the box have sung its praises (there are over 26,000 reviews), saying it is "a delightful treasure trove" of biscuits that promises to "satisfy your sweet cravings".

Lots of shoppers say it's "well worth the money" and that it makes "a brilliant gift" for a loved one who may need a little pick-me-up.

Shop now: Nestle The Big Biscuit Box | £16.69 (was £19.80) from Amazon

£16.69 £19.80 at Amazon

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