BGT's Alesha Dixon slams 'industry games' as she chats about huge comeback

Alesha Dixon
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Britain's Got Talent star Alesha Dixon has slammed the music industry's 'games', after releasing her first song in nine years. The singer, who rose to fame in girl band Mis-Teeq in the early noughties, has released her new track Ransom as an independent artist.

The 45-year-old took to Instagram to thank her fans for all the love they have shown for her comeback, explaining that she waited so long due to 'industry games.' She said: "Thank you for the love and shares! I see you! Beautiful feeling today! Never expected this reaction, means a lot! Truthfully, it's been so long because I haven't got time for industry games! I've moved past that chapter.

"As an independent artist, repping myself, this moment is a celebration & all about the love I have for music! So big up each & every one of you that sees me & supports me!"

Alesha Dixon
ITV Britain's Got Talent star Alesha Dixon, 45, has slammed the music industry's 'games' -Credit:Alesha Dixon / Instagram

The singer also opened up about her break from the music industry to Rolling Stone, revealing 'tricky' situations had left her feeling 'put off' bringing out new songs.

She said: "Well, I want to be back as Alesha Dixon the artist. I’ve been recording throughout the years, but hadn’t felt quite ready to release anything for a multitude of reasons. One of them being the fact that I’m an independent artist now and it’s very expensive to put out music, and the industry is very tricky. The business aspect of it is what has put me off going down that road again."

Alesha took to the stage tonight
Alesha Dixon's performed her new single on BGT -Credit:ITV
Mis-Teeq, circa 2000;  Alesha Dixon, Sabrina Washington and Su-Elise Nash
Miss-Teeq were one of the biggest girl groups of the noughties -Credit:Getty Images

She also explained more about the 'games' being played, revealing the pressure to compete with other artists to dominate the charts. She explained: "I just haven’t got time to play the music industry games and, you know, trying to compete for chart positions with artists that are signed to major labels.

"The whole thing puts me off, but the love and the desire of making music has never faded. What made me change my mind this time around was feeling like I’d written a song where it sort of just aligned with how I was feeling. It just felt more authentic to me, and I felt more confident to put it out. There’s also just that feeling of life is too short. I just wanted to feel like I could put something out into the world, regardless of the industry, regardless of the expectations, the business, the money."