BGT fans spot issue as audience member presses golden buzzer after 'rules broken'

Britain's Got Talent fans were left scratching their heads as another Golden Buzzer act was announced, despite there being none left.

Japanese double dutch group Haribow took to the stage, ready to blend skipping with gymnastic and dance moves in a bid to win the show. The friends, who had been performing together for nine years, revealed they'd travelled over 20 hours for their audition.

As their routine kicked off, the audience went wild, cheering and applauding their performance. The judges were equally impressed, and by the time the performance ended, the cheers were so loud that the judges' feedback was drowned out.

The crowd began chanting for the judges to hit the Golden Buzzer, but Simon Cowell confirmed they couldn't. They'd already exceeded their one-buzzer limit this series, having pressed it several times more than allowed.

Eric and Hollie
The kids looked delighted with their golden buzzer moment -Credit:ITV screengrab

However, this time they held firm, even as Simon's son Eric and Amanda Holden's daughter Hollie were seen jumping around in the audience.

Simon shared with the group how excited Eric was about them, clearly a fan. As the chants grew louder, Simon realised they wouldn't be able to avoid giving them the buzzer.

But amid the rule-breaking excitement, it was audience members Eric and Hollie who got to hit the buzzer as the judges "weren't allowed". The pair dashed up to press the buzzer, sending the crowd and those on stage into a frenzy.

Britain's Got Talent viewers saw another golden buzzer act confirmed
Britain's Got Talent viewers saw another golden buzzer act confirmed -Credit:ITV

While viewers at home acknowledged the act's talent, opinions were split on its Golden Buzzer worthiness, with some pointing out that the value of the buzzer is diminished when so many acts are chosen regardless of the rules. Some fans argued it negates the purpose of the buzzer's exclusivity.

One viewer tweeted: "What's the point in the golden buzzers when they're just giving them out to absolutely everyone? These guys are really good but when they're gone they're gone! !" Another concurred: "They don't need to golden buzzer everything. If they're that good they'll get picked to go through anyway."

Meanwhile, a third spectator commented: "They know there's no buzzers left, but they still won't stfu about pushing it. It devalues every other golden buzzer act," while a fourth remarked: "What's the point of the golden buzzer, they would get through to the finals anyway."

Eric raced up and pressed the buzzer
Simon's son Eric raced up and pressed the buzzer -Credit:ITV

The previous day had seen Duo Stardust, a Ukrainian married couple, receive a Golden Buzzer from Simon after delivering an astonishing performance for judges Simon, Alesha Dixon, Bruno Tonioli, and Amanda. The duo showcased their talent with a series of moves and lifts on a platform, even being suspended off the ground at one point. The performance was elevated by pyrotechnics, earning them applause from the judges.

Amanda could hardly bear to watch as they spun high up with minimal support. As their audition concluded, the judges gave them a standing ovation, with the audience also cheering them on.

The crowd loved it so much that they started chanting for the judges to hit the Golden Buzzer. However, some viewers were left scratching their heads over the rules, unsure if another buzzer should have been given considering how many had already been awarded.