BGT 2024: Golden Buzzer stars’ devastating battles as they ‘pray for a miracle’ - from heartbreaking setback to brain tumour

Unlike previous years, there were nine Golden Buzzer acts in the 2024 series of Britain's Got Talent from comedians to dancers and singers.

With the live semi-finals about to begin OK! caught up with three of the acts who were automatically sent through after their incredible first auditions. But how will they fare in the next round?

Ravis Dream Team

Nine-year-old Ravi Adelekan reduced the judges to tears with his rendition of The Greatest Showman’s A Million Dreams in Britain's Got Talent. The Brighton schoolboy performed alongside a choir made up of his family, teachers, friends and the doctors who have treated him for the benign tumour he has on his brain stem.

Ravis Dream Team were awarded a Golden Buzzer after bringing the judges to tears
Ravis Dream Team flew through to the semi-finals thanks to Alesha Dixon -Credit:Thames

“It was a lot of fun with all these friends and family with us,” he says, while his supportive mum Bethan reveals that it was more nerve-wracking for the adults than it was for her son. “We were terrified! The whole thing was Ravi’s idea and most of us on the stage are very uncomfortable in that position. But we’re doing it for a good cause and because it is what he wants to do.”

Ravi performed alongside his friends, family and medical staff who have helped him
Ravi reveals if he won, he would give all the money to charity -Credit:Thames

Ravi chose the audition song – “it was one of my favourite songs at the time of my diagnosis, so it’s been a song that’s come with us on an amazing journey” – and he is also in charge of where the prize money would go should he win Britain’s Got Talent.

“We would definitely take the choir out for a very special day,” he says, “but the rest would be split evenly between The Brain Tumour Charity and Brainstrust so I can complete my fundraising goal of £250,000.”

He’s determined to continue raising money and awareness, even if Bethan wants her son to slow down after the competition.

“From my point of view, it’d be nice to have a small break from crazy projects, but Ravi keeps on coming up with these wild ideas,” she says. “So we will see where this journey takes us.”

Sydnie Christmas

Amanda was so impressed by Sydnie that she awarded her a Golden Buzzer
Sydnie won the audience over straightaway with her powerful voice -Credit:ITV

She became the first Britain’s Got Talent act of 2024 to win a Golden Buzzer when she wowed the judges with her rendition of Tomorrow from Annie. However, 28-year-old Sydnie Christmas admits that she was close to giving up on her singing dreams.

“It was looking quite unlikely for me – I’ve been trying for 10 years to make it to the West End,” says Kent-based Sydnie. “I’ve done everything from jobs at bars and gyms to working on an egg farm and setting up a cleaning business. I auditioned because I had nothing to lose. It’s so hard in this industry – you just wait for a miracle to happen and for someone to give you a chance.”

Thankfully, that person was Amanda Holden – who fast-tracked her to the BGT live shows. “I’m terrified for the semi-finals, there are so many beady eyes,” she says. “I’m overwhelmed by the amount of love but there’s also people looking with a bad heart and that scares me because I just want to do a really good job.”

While working and rehearsing, Sydnie “completely lost” her voice. “I ran myself into the ground so I need to slow things down a little bit but hopefully the sickness is out of the way and I’ll make a full recovery for that day.”

Sydnie on stage at her audition that aired in April
Sydnie reveals she's nervous about performing in the live shows -Credit:Tom Dymond

As for what fans can expect on the night, Sydnie says she’s had a song in her mind since winning the Golden Buzzer. “I came home, cracked open a bottle and thought about it,” she says. “I’m very old fashioned and I’ve got an old soul so I think this song choice will appeal to everybody.”

Taryn Charles

Taryn took on an Aretha Franlkin song for her audition
Taryn Charles was floored when she received a Golden Buzzer -Credit:Dymond/Thames/REX/Shutterstock

When the gold confetti fell onto the stage from Bruno Tonioli’s Golden Buzzer, Taryn Charles scooped up some of it to take home as a keepsake. Surrey-based Taryn, 39, performed (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman, and got a double standing ovation from the crowd.

Talking about the confetti, she says, “My nan’s got some in a flower pot, and the rest is in a frame in my downstairs bathroom. When I got home, I had it everywhere – there was some stuck in my bra!”

Teacher Taryn auditioned for BGT because she wanted to show her students that anything is possible. Taken out of school when she was 15 by her mum, and with undiagnosed ADHD at that time, she volunteered at a local specialist school and has worked with SEND children ever since.

“It’s important that kids, especially kids with SEND needs or special needs, are shown that everything is accessible to them. Britain’s Got Talent is not just for people who look the part and sound the part. It’s open to everybody. For me to say look, I’ve got the same special needs as you and I was able to go on TV, it’s inspiring for them. It’s important for me to do that.”

Taryn, who has also worked as a part-time backing singer, received some criticism online for her shaking hand movements during the show. “People said it’s fake, but it is stimming, a thing that autistic people and people with ADHD do that helps focus the mind – that hand-shaking was all me.”

After pressing his Golden Buzzer, Bruno joined Taryn on stage
Taryn took some of the golden confetti home with her to remember the incredible moment -Credit:Dymond/Thames/REX/Shutterstock

She’s also ready to address the comment Simon Cowell made, that he believed someone in her past had knocked her confidence and told her she wasn’t cut out to be a singer. “It was the lead singer of a well-known band that I was touring with,” she says. “I don’t know if it was jealousy, or my personality that he couldn’t get along with. I try to be nice to everybody because you don’t know what someone is going through. I think I got a bit more attention than him because of how nice I am and it became clear that he no longer wanted me to be part of the group.”

She adds, “He made some pretty nasty comments and they put me on my bum for about a year. I very much took that to heart: ‘I’m not that great. I’m not that good.’ That it’s not going to come to anything.These are things that I was told, 'People look up to him,' so it was a massive thing for me to then go on a stage that big and have the whole world judge me. I feel like I was very brave, I’ve done it.”

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