Beyond Paradise has hilarious twist in new episode's chase scene

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Beyond Paradise airs hilarious chase sceneCraig Hardie / Red Planet Pictures - BBC

Beyond Paradise episode 2 spoilers follow.

This week's (March 10) episode of Beyond Paradise had a Banksy-inspired painting heist and more trouble for Humphrey and Martha — but it was a hilarious chase scene that stole the show.

Tasked with looking after the painting 'The Solo Mare', PC Kelby Hartford (Derry Girls Dylan Llewellyn) was left feeling humiliated after the painting was seemingly stolen on his watch.

His determination to put things right led to a comical chase through Shipton Abbot soundtracked to Nathan Evans's 'Wellerman (Sea Shanty)' — something which caught viewers off-guard.

"NO WAY THAT TIKTOK SEA SHANTY SONG IS PLAYING," one person wrote excitedly.

While another person joked: "James from derry girls leading a police chase to the TikTok sea shanty song? this show is so unserious."

While a third person added: "All of the incidental music should be sea shanties imo..."

Fortunately for Kelby, he was also off the hook for the missing painting as Humphrey was able to work out that art dealer Terence Witham orchestrated the painting's disappearance.

Set to lose thousands and have his reputation ruined, Terence channeled his inner-Banksy by hiding 'The Solo Mare' within a special frame to save his career. Realising that he'd been found out, Terence went on the run, only to run into Kelby during his escape.

pc kelby hartford in beyond paradise
Craig Hardie / Red Planet Pictures - BBC

The officer then engaged in his second chase sequence of the episode, apprehending the art dealer in a muddy field. Triumphant, he declared that his "100%" record on guarding valuable paintings had been restored.

Meanwhile, question marks still loomed over Humphrey and Martha's future, with Humphrey confessing to Martha's ex Archie that he does't get what she sees in him.

The episode ended on a positive note with the couple deciding to restart IVF treatment, but will Humphrey's words come back to cause trouble for the couple?

Death in Paradise and its spin-off, Beyond Paradise, air on BBC One and stream on BBC iPlayer.

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