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Designer profile: Who is Rubin Singer?

Nicola McCafferty
Yahoo Lifestyle
4 February 2013

Beyonce's showstopping performance in a sizzling leather and lace creation may have stolen the show at the Super Bowl.

But her decision to shun big name designers for the little-known Rubin Singer meant it was not just hers, but his big moment too.

The Destiny's Child singer dazzled fans in the plunging leather and lace applique leotard by the New York-based designer at the half-time show.

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The look perfectly encapsulated Beyonce's on-stage alter-ego, Sasha Fierce, as well as combining two key trends of the moment for an altogether showstopping look.

And as fans around the globe marvel at the mother-of-one's sizzling catsuit this morning, many are wondering - just who is Rubin Singer?

Here, we reveal everything you need to know about this up-and-coming designer...

Who is Rubin Singer?
A New York-based designer, Rubin first started making a name for himself as the associate designer at Oscar de la Renta. After moving on to take the creative reins at a number of other houses - including Kai Milla - he formed his own personal collection in 2007.

What's his style like?
Rubin is known for his bold designs (did you see Beyonce's catsuit?!), with his brand described as being "founded on the principles of edgy and sophisticated design." He is inspired by his Russian Couture roots (his father created costumes for the Bolshoi Ballet), with a piece from his collection "not for the faint of heart." Oooh-err.

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Who is wearing his designs?
Aside from Beyonce, a whole host of stars have snapped up Singer's designs. Solange Knowles - Bey's sister - is another firm fashion follower of the designer, along with the likes of Heidi Klum, Lea Michele and Alicia Keys also being spotted in his looks.

Where can you find Rubin Singer's collection?
The designer is currently being stocked in Neiman Marcus department stores across the US, Canada and Japan, although he's yet to hit the UK. We're predicting one look at Beyonce's catsuit and his designs will be available to buy on our shores very soon...

What's our verdict?
We can't wait to see more from this up-and-coming designer, as anyone who can merge two key seasonal trends - lace and leather - is worth watching in our opinion.

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