Beyoncé just got the ultimate 2021 style hair transformation

Kate Pasola
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From Cosmopolitan

Queen Beyoncé keeps things relatively low-key these days (relatively), taking a well deserved break from ruling the pop world. That, coupled with the ol' pandemic means we don't see quite so many insights into her life (and glam choices) any more.

So every glimpse into her current vibe we can get, I'm finding myself obsessed.

Luckily, she's still promoting her Ivy Park collections with the most badass photoshoots, and her latest drop is no exception. But we're gathered here today to discuss one thing in particular: her incred hair decisions.

In the latest pictures she's wearing an air force blue tracksuit with white platform sneaks, and she pulls off the look with next-level glam.

Her hair colour is a distinctly chunky, nostalgic vibe - with balayage, panelling and halo highlights working together to create a 90s masterpiece.

The hairstyle she's sporting is the go-to 90s, shoulder length cut: curled at the tips into a shape that's sleek and shiny at the roots, and bouncy at the ends. The style became famous in 2020 when everyone from Kendall Jenner to the Hadids were trying the look (it even got dubbed, quite ungenerously, as Lord Farquaad hair).

And I think we can agree, she has nailed it. If you don't believe me, take it from both Chloë and Halle Bailey (Bey's protégés), who commented a series of flame emojis and compliments.

Check out the whole look below.

I mean, if that's Lord Farquaad hair, someone get me a one-way ticket to Duloc, ASAP.

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