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'Better than Stanley': Fans love the lighter, slimmer Owala — on sale for $23

Over 1,000 of these were sold at Amazon in the last month alone!

In the battle of the "big cups," it's no secret that Stanley reigns supreme. In fact, I'm not going to lie — my Stanley Quencher tumbler is one of my most prized possessions and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm also not ashamed to admit that it's a bit pricey for what it is and — admittedly — it can be a bit clunky. Shoppers with these specific gripes found that the Owala Travel Tumbler is what they reach for most. Right now, 24-ounce version of this streamlined tumbler is on sale at Amazon for just $23!

Calm, cool and collected — the Owala is Stanley's more chill cousin — every bit as insulating, but with a streamlined profile (and slimmer price tag). 

$28 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal? 💰

Not only is this one of the most affordable tumblers we've seen in a while — especially coming from a bestselling brand like Owala — but this insulated cup is the lowest it's been in over four months.

Why do I need this? 🤔

Let's face it — no matter what cup you find, it's inevitably going to be compared to the Stanley. At this point, it's just law. So, when the comparisons come knocking, these brands better find ways to stand out on their own and Owala did just that with this travel tumbler.

While the Stanley Quencher is known (and loved) for its bold size and slightly rugged construction — its substantial weight can sometimes be a downer. The Owala tumbler sets itself apart by leaning the opposite way. It has a softer, more streamlined design, and is praised for its lightweight build. If the Stanley Quencher is too bulky for your taste, the lithe Owala Travel Tumbler may be just your speed.

Just because it's lightweight, don't think for a second that this tumbler skimps in the insulation department. Both the 24- and 40-ounce cups have triple-layer insulation built in and, according to shoppers, the larger cup keeps their drinks ice-cold for over 10 hours (more on that soon).

While only the 24-ounce Owala cup is currently on sale, the 40-ounce version still sells for $7 less than the same-sized Stanley Quencher at its full price.

owala tumbler on sale on amazon
Everywhere you look, there's a tumbler staring you in the face. If affordability and quality are top of mind for you, this Owala staple is miles above the rest. (Amazon)

What reviewers say 💬

Over 2,000 Amazon shoppers gave the Owala tumbler five-star reviews and, unsurprisingly, the majority of them made several comparisons to the Stanley with most explaining why it's quickly become their go-to cup for daily use.

Pros 👍

"[I] purchased three other brands of this style to find one that out-performed the traditional Stanley cup. ... This one, hands down, is the best above them all," one shopper wrote. "Lives up to its statement of keeping drinks cold... I left it alone with just ice for 24 hours, still had ice in it. Left it in my car filled with ice on a 70-degree day for 9 hours, still had ice in it. ... best investment ... perfect cup!"

Some Stanley purists found themselves to be converts after buying this tumbler: "Tired of hauling my Stanley tumbler to and from work," a reviewer explained. "I decided to order this one since the price is a bit lower than a Stanley, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I like it much more. It looks/feels to be a higher quality and is significantly less prone to spilling or leaking."

One fan even got one for her dad who has Parkinson's — a disease that sometimes makes it difficult to move your hands — and she said this is the only one that hasn't failed him. "Every cup he's tried has leaked with his tremors," the shopper said. "This one doesn't. He's dropped it and it still doesn't leak! ... I'm a huge Owala fan in general, and now I know it's great for those with dexterity problems."

"Better than Stanley," said another fan. "I got this because I have small hands and a large mug like this is easier to use with the handle. I love this one because you have the option to use/not use a straw. Stanley cups are junk compared to Owala much better brand and bonus you won’t look ... [a] teen walking around with one of those Stanley ones."

Cons 👎

The most common gripe shoppers have for this tumbler, though, is its limited color selection. "I wish there were more available colors," one shopper pointed out with another adding, "I would love more colors one day."

Another con came regarding its limited care instructions: "[My] only wish would be for the company to make them dishwasher safe," one reviewer said.

One shopper said they wish the brand "included the brush for the staw" in the packaging, but seeing as this isn't a common practice with Stanley and other popular tumbler brands, they admit that it's one con that's worth overlooking. Not to mention, you can grab a reusable straw cleaning brush two-pack at Amazon for just $3.

Prefer a cup with a handle, but don't want to shell out $45 for the Stanley Quencher? This one from Owala is the same volume but will keep more cash in your pocket.

$38 at Amazon

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