Bette Midler admits she's had some 'tailoring' done to her face

Bette Midler has confirmed she has had some "tailoring" done to her face.

While accepting the Distinguished Collaborator Award at the Costume Designers Guild Awards in Los Angeles on Monday night, the Hollywood icon admitted she has undergone some cosmetic treatments in the past.

"Time has a way of smoothing everything out. I've been at it for close to 60 years ... and I do look fabulous, I know," she shared with the audience, according to Page Six, adding: "I've had some tailoring done on my face."

Bette didn't offer any further details.

However, back in 2008, the Hocus Pocus star revealed that she was open to getting some work done.

"When it really starts to cave in, I probably will start to give it a real good think," the 77-year-old said at the time.

Meanwhile on the red carpet at the awards show, Bette was asked whether she opts for "glamour or comfort" when selecting outfits for big events.

"(It) depends on how badly the day is going," she smiled. "It's very impromptu, very improvised."