Bethenny Frankel says she’s proud of herself for criticising Kim Kardashian’s skincare line

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Bethenny Frankel has revealed that she is proud of herself for “speaking [her] mind” when she slammed Kim Kardashian’s latest skincare line and the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

In a video shared to Instagram on Wednesday, the 51-year-old reality star detailed how she had no regrets about sharing her honest opinions on social media. The post comes after Frankel did a candid review of Kardashian’s Skkn by Kim line and also claimed that the world needed an “intermission” from the Kardashians in a recent episode of her podcast ,Just B With Bethenny Frankel.

At the start of her Instagram clip, she noted how she felt “alone” when sharing her opinion as her peers encouraged her not to “mess with” the famous family.

“I’m proud of myself for speaking my mind when it’s not that easy to do so, when it can be scary and you’re alone,” she explained. “When everyone around you tells you not to say anything; ‘You don’t want to mess with these people, don’t screw around, you have too much to lose.’”

She concluded the clip by expressing that she wants to be someone who is “straightforward” and that she’s “not afraid” of speaking up.

“You know what? I don’t want to be a follower, I want to be me, who has an opinion and is honest and is straightforward,” The Real Housewives of New York City star continued. “And cancel me if that’s not going to work. But I’m not going to be afraid.”

In the caption, Frankel emphasised that she was “not a follower,” before including multiple hashtags about the Kardashian-Jenner clan, including: #kardashiancleanse#kardashianintervention.

Fans in the comments of the Instagram post praised Frankel for her message and for expressing her candid thoughts on social media.

“You are such an incredible role model!!,” one wrote.

“I have always been a huge fan of you and now even more! 1000% to all this!!!!,” another added.

A third person wrote: “Glad you did!! We definitely need to redirect our culture.”

In her review video posted on TikTok earlier this month, Frankel tried two products from Skkn by Kim, as she claimed the the line was “impractical at best” and “somewhat overpriced”.

More specifically, she took issue with one of the brand’s exfoliators and noted that the size of it was too large to travel anywhere with.

“You have to be a billionaire to use this product, because if you don’t have a private plane, how are you travelling with this? It’s just not practical,” she said.

During an episode of her podcast released last week, Frankel also slammed the Kardashian-Jenners for being “fake” and claimed they were setting a bad example for the younger generation.

“What are we saying to our kids? What is the message, ‘Take it all’? Be as rich as possible; filter as much as possible; be as fake as much as possible,” she said. “Brag as much as possible; be self-involved and take pictures of yourself that make you look in the best light possible, as much as possible?”

In an Instagram story posted on Friday 26 August, Frankel further detailed why she spoke out about The Kardashians and how they impact “our society”.

“I am proud of giving my opinion about the chokehold and the waterboarding that goes on with our society and The Kardashians that young girls are trying to live up to a false idea,” she said. “I’m proud that I spoke my mind about something that’s hard to speak your mind about.”

She added: “I’m proud that I used my voice to express an opinion about something that’s going on with young women and men thinking that a woman needs to look a certain way and young women thinking that they’re not good enough. Or that they’re supposed to have big massive curves, and large derrieres and waists...Like they don’t know what the f*** to do because they’re being influenced.”