Bethenny Frankel fires back at critics over Real Housewives podcast

Bethenny Frankel is 'playing chess' credit:Bang Showbiz
Bethenny Frankel is 'playing chess' credit:Bang Showbiz

Bethenny Frankel insists she's "a few moves ahead" after some 'Real Housewives' stars criticised her new podcast.

The 52-year-old reality star is reliving her memories from the show on 'ReWives', with former castmates like Carole Radziwill and Luann de Lesseps calling her out for discussing them.

Speaking to 'Extra', she said: "I play chess and many people play checkers… Listen, if people are worried about it or having a hard time with it, I get it.

"I predicted it… I’m always a few moves ahead of everyone else, so enjoy… Don’t worry, everyone’s worried. It’s okay.”

Bethenny also pointed out that she went all-in on the podcast even before its launch, and she insisted it won't be "cheap, low-hanging" fruit.

She added: "We shot to number 8 when it hadn’t even launched yet.

"This is not just a side dish, this has got the cake and the frosting and the filling and the flavor and the tenderness…

"It’s amazing, and it’s not what you would expect. It’s not cheap, low-hanging, c***** fruit.”

Meanwhile, she explained the podcast won't simply be a case of giving a play-by-play of an episode, but rather "having a conversation" with someone from "media, entertainment, and pop culture about that [franchise]".

She added: "I’m sure we’ll end up going through most major episodes, there are so many.

"But it’s iconic episodes, ones that really jump off the page, ones that were major conversation starters from all cities of the franchise… and sometimes it's to fit with the person who's coming on.”

After leaving 'The Real Housewives of New York City' for the second time back in 2019, Bethenny is torn about whether or not she'll be tuning in to see the new cast.

She said: "I don’t know if I’ll be watching now that I’m in this world. I’m sure it depends. Maybe there’ll be a curiosity.”