Best weird and wild Easter eggs for 2019

Ellie Davis

Easter is fast approaching and what better way to honour the celebration than with a weird and wonderful chocolate egg.

While there is no denying the timelessness of your traditional Maltesers and Dairy Milks, you may want to mix things up for 2019 with Easter treats that are definitely outside of the box.

This year, retailers are turning traditional eggs designs on their head with innovative flavours, quirky compositions and divisive combinations that are designed to impress.

After the huge success of the Avocado Easter Egg at Waitrose, the design is back and has even encouraged more weird and wonderful looking variations alongside it that will provide a decadently delicious surprise to any recipient.

See our favourites.

Cheesealicious Cheesy Easter Egg

Cheese fans will love this. Sainsbury’s is redefining the chocolate-filled holiday to be known as ‘Cheester’ with a spreadable cheese egg made from cheddar. Put at the centre of a cheeseboard and cue the oohs and ahhs from your guests.

£5 | Sainsbury’s | Buy in store

Specially Selected Exquisite Ruby Heist

Treat yourself to a very different kind of chocolate egg this year. After 13 years in development, ruby chocolate is the newest type to be discovered since white over 80 years ago. Aldi has created this statement gem comprised of the new ruby chocolate with a pyramid of 24 truffles alongside it.

£12.99 | Aldi | Buy in store

Belgian Chocolate Giant Fried Egg and Liquid Yolk

“How do you like your eggs in the morning?” Just in time for Easter, we’ll take our fried and reinvented in Belgian chocolate with a runny yolk consisting of mango sauce. Chocolate for breakfast has never tasted this good.

£15 | Choc on Choc | Buy it now

Duchy from Waitrose Organic Cocoa Pod Egg

This Easter egg takes its design back to its roots by resembling a cocoa bean. The 70% cocoa product is made from beans that are grown without pesticides and fertilisers. Through the sale of Duchy Organic products like this egg, the supermarket donates to The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation.

£12 | Ocado | Buy it now

A Dozen Quail’s Eggs

You may not associate quail’s eggs with Easter but Hotel Chocolat are thinking outside the box this year with 12 chocolate variations. The alcohol-free chocolate treats are filled with caramels, pralines and truffles and housed in a sustainable egg box that is compostable and biodegradable.

£10 | Hotel Chocolat | Buy it now

Hard-Boiled Egg-Ginger

Not only does this Easter egg from Hotel Chocolat look like a work of art but it breaks traditional convention with its fiery flavour. The egg is composed of 70 percent dark chocolate that has been infused with Indian ginger oil.

£15 | Hotel Chocolat | Buy it now

Kit Kat Ruby Cocoa Beans Easter Egg

If you have not tried the more extraordinary flavours of Kit Kat like matcha, Japanese sake or even banana then you are missing out. The ruby variation became a viral sensation after its launch last year. The chocolate has a berry taste and is offered in a pale pink hue. Now available in an egg format, the box also comes with two packets of the chocolate-covered wafer treats.

£10 | Tesco | Buy it now

Heston from Waitrose The Chocolate Scotch Egg

A firm British favourite, a Scotch egg may traditionally consist of a hard or soft boiled eat in sausage meat and deep fried in breadcrumbs but that’s all about to change. Waitrose is offering a milk chocolate alternative that is filled with a caramel ganache, mango and yuzu fondant as the yolk and coated in milk chocolate maple flavoured sugar pieces.

£6 | Waitrose | Buy it now

Chocolate Sprouts

For sprouts your kids will be sure to eat, the Christmas speciality has been given chocolatey twist in white Belgian chocolate. The realistic looking chocolate balls are handmade in Somerset and will make a hysterical prank.

£9.50 | Choc on Choc | Buy it now

Buttermilk Strawberry Bellini

Putting an adult twist on a childhood favourite, Buttermilk is offering a white chocolate egg that has been infused with strawberry and Strawberry Bellini fudge. It is then topped with a popping surprise for a real treat this Easter.

£10 | Ocado | Buy it now

Chococo Unicorn Egg

Unicorns are officially everywhere and have even infiltrated Easter eggs over at Chococo where a magical-looking hand painted spattered design on milk chocolate reveals six mini white chocolate unicorns inside.

£12.50 | Chococo | Buy it now

Marmite-flavoured Easter egg

If you love marmite – or know someone who does – this will be the perfect Easter egg. The divisive spread has inspired this chocolate egg with marmite flavouring to create something very unique.

£3 | ASDA | Buy it now

Rococo Salted Caramel Seagull Eggs

Seagull eggs may not seem like the most appealing but the salted caramel filled ones from Rococo are the decadent chocolatey goodness of your dreams. It is no surprise that these eggs have already gained a cult following as the crispy shells have a gooey ganache centre that makes them irresistible.

£9.95 | Harvey Nichols | Buy it now

Aldi Specially Selected Exquisite Bird Cage

An undeniable show-stopper, Aldi has really upped its Easter egg game this year with this impressive bird cage that is made entirely of chocolate.

£14.99 | Aldi | Buy in store

IKEA VÅRKÄNSLA chocolate Easter bunny

The Swedish furniture label known for its flat-packed furniture has taken this as an inspiration for its Easter chocolate offering this year. Assemble the three chocolatey pieces to build the bunny. "Go ahead, play with your food", the retailer encourages.

£2.95 | Ikea | Buy in store

Deliveroo Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

Ahead of the final series that airs in April, Deliveroo has partnered up with Game of Thrones to create chocolate versions of the highly coveted dragon eggs that appear in the hit series. Easter is coming and the best way to prepare is through these hand-painted eggs that are available on the Deliveroo app from April 14-21.

£0.80 | Deliveroo | Download the app

Waitrose Dark Chocolate Avocado Easter Egg

Waitrose is back with its hugely popular Avocado egg that sold out last year. Resembling the superfood brunch favourite, it is composed of a Belgian chocolate shell with white chocolate and natural food colouring and a cocoa-dusted chocolate ‘stone’.

£8 | Waitrose | Buy it now