The best weighted eye masks to guarantee a good night's sleep

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We all have our go-to essentials for ensuring a good night's sleep. Whether it's that pillow spray you can't drift off without, a night-time application of Vick's vaporub or the Stephen Fry audiobook – a stellar night-time routine often guarantees a good night's kip.

And if you need a fully blacked-out bedroom in order to get your forty winks, you might already use a sleep mask to help ensure your slumber is kept ultra dark. But did you know there's an elevated version of an eye mask that can not only keep the light out – but help illicit feelings of calm and relation too?

Say hello to weighted eye masks. Much like our beloved weighted blankets, these clever sleep aids provide comforting pressure around the eye area, helping you to relax. Is your interest piqued? Keep reading for all you need to know about weighted eye masks, plus the best weighted eye masks to shop now…

Are weighted eye masks good?

Weighted eye masks are designed to block out light – helping you create the perfect environment for sleeping. But they also come with the added benefit of aiding deep pressure stimulation (DPS), which decreases the activity of your body's sympathetic nervous system, calming both your body and your mind.

What is the purpose of weighted eye mask?

Much like a weighted blanket, they help create a sense of calm and grounding to the body – allowing you to physically relax the muscles in your face. Some weighted eye masks are also designed to stimulate specific pressure points – that could help to reduce pain from migraines or sinuses.

What is inside a weighted eye mask?

Weighted eye masks are essentially fabric sleep masks that are filled with a substance to create weight and pressure around the eyes and pressure points of the face. They can be filled with a number of different substances – from sand, lentils, rice or flaxseeds to synthetic materials – like microbeads.

Can you sleep with a weighted eye mask on?

While weighted eye masks are super effective, they usually actually only weigh around 300-400 grams – meaning they're totally safe to sleep in, if you choose to.

What are the best weighted eye masks?

1/ Manta Weighted Eye Mask, £40

Distributing weight around your eyes (but leaving space for your lashes to flutter away), this eye mask blacks out 100% of light – guaranteed.

2/ Silentnight Wellbeing Weighted Eye Mask, £20

This ultra-soft eye mask works to induce a feeling of calmness and relaxation, helping you drift off soundly.

3/ Rest Easy Sleep Better Grey Weighted Eye Mask, £12

Made from a super soft plush fabric with a silky satin reverse, this weighted eye mask feels dreamy on your skin.

4/ IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask, £22.49

Designed by an orthopedic surgeon to provide relief from migraine headaches, massaging ergoBeads provide a gentle massage effect around the eyes, while its patented stitching design alleviates direct pressure on eyes.

5/ Sivio Weighted Eye Mask, £14.99

With a super-soft plush fabric for a warming touch and bamboo fiber for a cooling sensation, this weighted sleep mask helps with pressure relief and muscle relaxation. It's also microwave and freezer safe, meaning you can treat your eyes with a hot and cold spa to relax and refresh. Ahhh.

6/ onaEz Moist Heated Sleep Mask, Lavender & Flaxseed Silk Sleep Mask, £21.99

Filled with lavender and flaxseeds, this soothing eye mask can be microwaved to create a warming, relaxing sensation around the eyes.

7/ Ocushield Bamboo Weighted Sleep Eye Mask

This clever weighted mask comes with detachable hot and cold compress so that depending on your needs, you can warm to relax or cool it help with eye pain. It also has the seal of approval from optometrists and The Sleep Foundation.

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