Best Weight Bench

Nicole Johnston
·1-min read
 best weight bench
best weight bench

A weight bench is a great addition to your home gym. It gives you a dedicated spot for weight training, but the best weight benches are versatile enough to help you with aerobic exercises, too. For example, some benches have a bar to steady your feet during ab crunches. Others adjust to a low incline for lunges or even pullups. Here are some of the best weight benches we found that work well for at-home workouts. 

We’re pumped to give our recommendations 

The best weight bench for most people is from FLYBIRD. It holds an impressive amount of weight and is adjustable to support just about any type of weight training or cardio workout. The entire bench is well padded and covered with leather for easy cleanup. As a bonus, this weight bench comes fully assembled.

We also are impressed with the Marcy Olympic Weight Bench. This bench has racks and holders for weight plates and barbells. It has a curl pad and leg developer, plus a squat bar. The back and seat both adjust so you can get a full weight and cardio workout with this bench.

If you’re looking for a weight bench without all the bells and whistles, Marcy also has a flat weight bench. This one doesn’t adjust at all, nor does it have a leg rest or developer. But it is low enough to support you during weight training and to assist in some aerobic exercises.