The Best Way to Store Canned Tuna, According to Bumble Bee

To get perfectly chilled tuna salad each time.

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

One of my favorite low-lift lunches or snacks is tuna salad. I love it so much that I always buy extra cans of tuna when I’m at the grocery store for that very reason. However, I prefer tuna salad chilled—so it hasn’t always been the most spontaneous option. This means that, historically, I’ve made batches of tuna salad hours ahead of time, then chilled it until I’m ready to enjoy. That is until I discovered a genius trick: storing your canned tuna in the fridge.

That’s right, it’s so simple that I can’t believe I haven’t been doing it for years now. By simply stashing your tuna cans or pouches in the refrigerator, you ensure perfectly chilled tuna whenever the craving strikes. No need to plan ahead for chilled tuna salad, now you can reach into your fridge for cold tuna salad every single time.

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But as genius as this tip is, we wanted to check in with the team at Bumble Bee to make sure that storing your tuna in your fridge is as safe as it is easy. Dana Kowal, Senior Brand Marketing Director, Bumble Bee affirmed this technique by sharing, “if someone is making a cold dish (i.e. pasta salad, tuna salad, etc.) it is perfectly fine to refrigerate a can or pouch of tuna in advance.”

However, it’s worth noting that Kowal also mentioned that she would not “recommend refrigerating the oil-based tuna products” as it might mess with the texture and taste of the tuna. With that caveat in mind, it’s clear that this simple method is a game-changer for perfectly chilled tuna salad.

This simple trick has made enjoying tuna salad even more convenient and seamless to eat whenever I get a craving for it.

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