The best way to remove jam stains

remove jam stains
How to remove jam stainsDebby Lewis-Harrison - Getty Images

Whether it's scones, toast or tarts, they wouldn't be the same without a generous mound of jam! But if you spill any onto your furniture, carpet or clothes, and it gets the chance to dry, jam stains can be really tricky to remove.

For your best chances at lifting the stain, here is our advice from the experts at the GHI.

General directions

Jam is a pigment stain, so it's important that you act straight away for your best chances at removing the stain. Gently scrape off as much residue as you can with a blunt knife and follow the directions below for specific fabrics.


Use Bissell OxyKIC or White Wizard to spot-treat the affected area. Blot the stain with white paper towels or a clean, white, lint-free cloth. Rinse with cool water. Blot dry with white paper towels.

Washable fabrics

Gently rub White Wizard into the affected area and leave for a few minutes. Blot up as much colour as you can with white paper towels. Flush the stain with lots of cool water. For cotton, machine-wash at 40°C with biological detergent. For silk and wool, machine-wash at 30°C on the delicates cycle.

GHI Tip: Some jams contain tannins, so never attempt to use salt to remove the stain.

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