Here Are The Best Veggies To Throw On The Grill, According To Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown
Tabitha Brown - Peter Forest/Getty Images

Summertime calls for enjoying meals al fresco and firing up the grill for backyard barbecues. But if you're looking to expand your grilling skills beyond hamburgers and hot dogs, grilled vegetables can unlock incredible natural sweetness and caramelization that'll make any kid at the cookout excited to eat their vegetables. And who better to offer some exclusive tips for grilling veggies than Tabitha Brown?

Brown, known as "America's mom" to her followers on social media, is quite the expert when it comes to vegetables. A vegan cook, actress, and content creator, Brown's favorite vegetables for grilling (and in her wise opinion, the best) include purple onions, zucchini, yellow squash, and red and green peppers. Why these particular veggies, you might ask? Well, Brown has an answer."The reason why is I love to see color [in the meals I make], but [these vegetables] also just have a nice flavor and texture, [a] nice crunch, [and] a good snap when you're eating them," Brown shared in an exclusive interview with Daily Meal. When charred, these vegetables develop those deep flavors and that delectable crunch Brown loves, all with a light coating of oil before hitting the grill.

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Tabitha Brown's Dos And Don'ts For Grilled Veggies

Vegetables on a grill
Vegetables on a grill - Grandriver/Getty Images

Another reason Tabitha Brown cites purple onions and bell peppers two of her favorite veggies to grill during the summer has to do with their versatility -- even as add-ins for or toppings on classics like hot dogs, burgers, and baked beans. "[Everybody loves] grilled peppers and onions, whether it be on [a] burger or hot dog," Brown shared with Daily Meal, elaborating that, "sometimes, you can just eat it on top of baked beans, or a side to have, especially [squash] and onions."

But even though Brown is self-proclaimed lover of all vegetables, there are a few she'd advise avoiding when it comes to the grill, such as eggplant. Given that Brown loves grilled veggies that offer a nice crunch, it makes sense that the often-soft grilled eggplant doesn't hit the same. She also avoids more watery veggies that are best saved for your salad, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, or celery. Finally, while Brown notes that potatoes aren't really considered a vegetable, she advises against grilling them as well, citing texture and having to boil them or bake them in order to get said texture right for grilling purposes. So there you have it: Make your cookout more colorful with delicious, crisp vegetables like bell peppers and onions (and avoiding watery veggies at all costs) like Tabitha Brown, and you'll wonder why you don't enjoy grilled vegetables more often.  "That's my story and I'm sticking to it," she told Daily Meal.

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