The Best UK Staycation Destinations For Green Spaces

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With international travel still feeling like a serious risk, 2020 has definitely become the year of the staycation.

If you're keen to travel safely in the UK before the weather gets too much colder, you might find yourself craving natural beauty, fresh air and the chance to exercise in a more socially distanced environment,

After all, many of us have realised during this emotionally trying year that nature is
pretty much vital to our mental health.

With this in mind, the folks at Daffodil Hotels have put together a list of the UK's top destinations for hiking and nature walks. It's a varied list including popular beauty spots in England, Scotland and Wales.

But before planning a trip to any of these destinations, it's imperative to check whether they're currently under local lockdown – as of Monday, nearly two thirds of the Welsh population will be locked down, for example.

With this in mind, enjoy your staycation planning.

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