The best Twitter and TikTok reactions to Zara's new 'at home' campaign

Maddy Alford
Photo credit: Zara, Twitter;@Louise_Nelson

From Cosmopolitan

Lockdown has made us all start working and thinking in ways we never have before. From re-evaluating how we spend our time to adapting to new technologies as we work and study from home, the global pandemic has birthed creativity and innovation out of necessity. Perhaps you got in early on the bread-making hype or decided to start your own TikTok account. But it's not just us, businesses are having to pivot on a dime and get creative, too.

Zara is a case in point. Since traditional photoshoots with large studio crews weren't necessarily an option during quarantine, the Spanish retailer mailed new product out to models and they shot their own at-home campaigns. Many praised this innovation as refreshing, as it was such a quick reaction to these (say it with me now) ~unprecedented~ times.

Plus, it gave shoppers a sneak peek into the homes and lives of Zara's models, and we all know the Internet loves a cheeky voyeuristic snoop. If nothing else, it is a total reflection of the strange times we are living in - holed up at home as much as possible, and just trying to do our jobs in fresh new ways.

For the latest batch of imagery, the models trialed even more creative and inventive poses to display the product, and let's just say the internet has been enjoying it.

Of course, Twitter pulled up a chair, with this user adding her own captions to some of the imagery in a hilarious thread:

Why is this so accurate ๐Ÿ˜‚

Can we all take a second to appreciate the imagination behind this hob pose?

This couch set-up is honestly us every Sunday morning:

Meanwhile, over on TikTok users were recreating the poses in their very own homes...

Anyone else feeling inspired for their next Instagram photoshoot?

Of course, it wasn't long before some folks started curating their own applications:

Another day, another treasure trove of Internet gems.

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