Best toasters 2021: the best four slice and two slice toasters for perfect breakfast every time

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Although a small appliance, a toaster is often the heart of the kitchen and is relied upon for starting our day right.

The delicious smell of bread toasting and the quiet sound of a timer ticking down until it pops are a familiar comfort in any home. You might think of toasting a piece of bread as one of the simplest tasks in the kitchen, however nowadays it’s becoming quite an art.

A beautifully designed toaster can be used as a focal point and the model you choose will depend slightly on the size and style of your kitchen, budget and the number of people living at home. We’ve reviewed a selection of the latest toasters on the market as well as a few timeless models to help you select the perfect one.

4 Slice Toasters

Haden 191168 Salcombe 4 Slice Wide Slot Toaster

Armed with extra-large slots to accommodate particularly chunky slices of bread, toasties or thicker bagels, this stylish toaster is an impressive piece of kitchen kit. Ensuring your preferred level of toasting is achieved, the Haden 191168 Salcombe comes with a cancel function as well as a reheat function - ideal for forgetful toast makers. Heating elements run the full width providing an even toast, and the defrost features make good time (and excellent toast) of rock hard bread. Overall we found it had the perfect balance of functionality – enough to consistently produce great toast without being overwhelmingly technical.

£44 | Hughes

Breville Strata 4-Slice Toaster

This stylish Breville toaster raises the stakes in the design department with the option of a luxe matt grey or green finishing as well as crystal-like detailing that is set in the mirrored chrome accents. Sure to fit your kitchen aesthetic, particularly if you opt for a modern design scheme, this model proves that you don't need to sacrifice on style or functionality thanks to the innovative features. On top of your more classic cancel and defrost settings, there is a clever lift and look option so you can check the status of your toast without cancelling the cycle and so in turn preventing your bread from getting over done. There is also a high lift so you don't burn your fingers and slots at varying widths to accommodate different bread sizes or if you are opting for crumpets or pitta. At John Lewis, you can also make the most out of a two year guarantee included.

£48 | Amazon

Russell Hobbs Retro 21692 4-Slice Toaster

Make the most of the Russell Hobbs toaster's Fast Toasting technology to save you time in the morning that can be better served for those precious extra minutes of sleep. You can check on your toast with an innovative lift and look option, reheat previously toasted bread and defrost your morning bagel with ease. There are also different controls for each side of the toaster, which will come in handy if you are making toast to suit different preferences of toastiness. The retro design is offered in a versatile cream hue that will look as fitting in a traditional kitchen as it would in a super modern style.

£49.99 | Currys

Tefal Loft TT60140 4-Slice Toaster

With seven levels of toastiness, the Tefal Loft ensures that you get the perfect piece of toast to match your preference every single time, whether you prefer it lightly browned or extra crunchy. On top of the classic toasting function, you can defrost or reheat a previously toasted piece of bread in extra wide slots and with high lift eject so burnt fingers will not be part of your morning routine. There is also a removable crumb tray for ease in cleaning.

£39 | Currys

Morphy Richards Evoke Accents 4 Slice Toaster

For its price this is a fantastic toaster, and certainly looks more expensive than it actually is, yet also has a good build quality. You can use just half at one time to toast 2, making it a more eco-friendly model than most. It toasts evenly, and the removable crumb trays help to keep it in tip-top condition. With reheat and frozen functions, as well as high lift, this is a well-considered design – the slots are also deep enough to toast entire slices (so no more soggy crusts). Although, annoyingly, you’ll be hard pushed to squeeze a wider piece into the slots. If you’re a pre-sliced bread kind of person; great. If you’re into fresh bakery loaves, however, choose a design more able to cater to uneven slicing.

Morphy Richards
Morphy Richards

£49.99 | Amazon

Smeg TSF03 4-Slice Toaster

Arguably the coolest brand out there, Smeg has extended a hand to those who can’t afford its uber-cool fridges by producing this toaster. A top-quality kitchen appliance manufacturer with a particular eye on design, Smeg’s ‘50s designed four slice toaster uses four individual slots. Smeg has kept it simple and neat on the features front – there’s no doubt you are, in part, paying for brand, but build quality is second to none too and you should enjoy years of good service.

Available in multiple colours.

£162 | John Lewis

Breville Curve 4-Slice Toaster

Sleek kitchen owners will love the modern design of the Breville, which looks way more expensive than its £37.99 price tag. The textured and high gloss chrome finish looks fantastic and gives it an undoubtedly premium feel. There are two separate double slots making it ideal for larger families, although the fact that you can’t use the second slots without using the first as well is both slightly odd and frustrating. Despite this minor bugbear, the slots are wide enough for chunkier slices of bread, and it has a high lift eject. It’s probably the most capable four-slice toasted you will find at this price.

£79.99 | Currys

De'Longhi Vintage Icona Toaster, 4-Slice

After an aesthetically beautiful model? We’ve got you covered. Essentially the Cadillac of toasters, the De’Longhi is the best in terms of vintage finishes. Not only is De’Longhi a very reputable manufacturer, it offers this retro design 4 slice toaster at an excellent price point. Our favourite thing about it is the ‘toast colour’ setting gauge, which seems way more intuitive than a simple dial. The only quibble we’d have with it is the chord which, for some reason, is annoyingly short. However, this could actually prove a blessing for those with little space and a hatred of errant wires.

£56.85 | Amazon

Kenwood TTP210 Toaster

Those not bothered by fussy designs will love this no-frills Kenwood toaster. Also, its lack of buttons and functions which - let’s face it - most of us don’t use regularly – ensures this is a simple model for anyone to use. Check on your toast’s progress without restarting the cycle and defrost slices with the push of a button. The only thing really lacking here is a high lift function, so consider this if you’re toasting smaller pieces of bread.

£39.50 | Amazon

2 Slice Toasters

Sage the Smart Toast 2 Slice Toaster

Go smart with your appliances with this futuristic Sage toaster that will take your morning slice to the next hi-tech level. Toast everything from crumpets, to cheese toasties, this innovative device will ensure that charred food will not be in the equation. Functions include a 'Bit More' setting for when your bread needs that extra few setting, 'Quick Look' so you can check on its progress, a wide and deep slot design, an audible alert for when it is ready, high lift and a countdown so you can plan your bread to be ready at the same time as the rest of your breakfast.

£129.99 | Amazon

Bosch Styline 2-Slice Toaster

From reputable German brand Bosch (whose parent company also manufacture Siemens and Neff), this sleek looking 2 slice toaster comes complete with a very neat built in bun warming rack, which extends from the top. Lovers of hot cross buns and warmed flatbread will appreciate this nifty accessory as it allows you to heat things up without crisping them (crunchy tortilla wraps are the worst). With the ability to remember your preferred setting, you can ensure your toast pops out evenly browned every time. Say goodbye to risking life and limb too – there’s a high lift function so you won’t need to go fishing for pieces of toast that get stuck at the bottom.

£59.99 | Argos

Swan 2 Slice Retro Toaster

Let’s face it – the first thing that catches our eye about a new toaster is its look. Coveters of cute kitchen gadgets will love the retro vibe of this Swan toaster, which comes in several colourways; particularly as it’s the most affordable in our selection.. Despite the low price, it has a quality finish, has defrost, reheat and cancel functions, a high lift facility and handy removable crumb tray. So in short, it has enough features to satisfy most requirements for daily use. Whoever said you have to sacrifice style for substance?

£30.74 | Amazon

Dualit 2 Slot Newgen

Toaster aficionados will know that this model needs no introduction. Of all the toasters out there, this is probably the most iconic and popular style. If you’re looking for a classic design which will stand the test of time and rigorous use, this is surely your best bet. First designed in 1945, it’s the model used in many professional kitchens, which is about the best stamp of approval an appliance can have. You may not find any fancy functions such as sensors, auto pop up features, or other ‘gimmicks’ but there’s a crumb tray, bagel setting and - best off all - a wide setting: just the ticket for lovers of doorstop slices.

£149.99 | John Lewis

KitchenAid 2-Slot Toaster

KitchenAid remains one of the most trusted kitchen appliance brands – not just for its style but its reliability too. This all metal toaster will, at the touch of a button, lower your toast with motorized technology, and when the cycle is complete, there will be an audible alert that triggers the toast to automatically raise – yes, the robots have officially landed. It toasts bread gently and evenly, ensuring the perfect consistency of outer crunch and inner softness. The keep-warm feature is handy for those making toast whilst getting ready, as it’ll keep running on low heat for up to 3 minutes. The extra wide slots are ample enough to fit in even the most generously sliced piece of bread.

£109 | Kitchen Aid


If you want something that’s easy to use but looks good too, opt for the Haden 191168 Salcombe 4 Slice Wide Slot Toaster. It consistently produces perfect toast without overwhelming the user with high tech functions.

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