The best time of day to take a walk, according to science

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Photo credit: James Jagger / EyeEm - Getty Images
Photo credit: James Jagger / EyeEm - Getty Images

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Walking offers some seriously impressive mental and physical benefits, but when is the best time of day to head outside? Well, according to new research, walking after your main meal provides the biggest health boost.

According to a study conducted by the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, walking for 20 minutes after an evening meal can decrease the "post-meal blood-glucose spike", as well as improve all manner of markers for cardiometabolic disease. Simply put, taking a post-meal stroll can improve digestion, heart health, blood sugar management, and regulate blood pressure.

How was the research conducted?

A study of type-2 Chinese diabetics found that those who walked on a treadmill at 60% for just 20 minutes after dinner "decreased the post-meal blood-glucose spike average and peak" and "improved how glucose was regulated for 12 hours post meal".

Participants with gastro-reflux disease who chose to walk after dinner instead of sitting down to relax, were found to have a significantly lower (12%) risk of getting gastro reflux symptoms (heartburn from eating).

Photo credit: E.V Lou - Getty Images
Photo credit: E.V Lou - Getty Images

Elsewhere in their research, they also found that many chronic diseases can be improved by simply heading out for a walk, especially after a meal."The effect of after-dinner quick walking is significant in the treatment of community fatty liver [disease] and it may improve liver function," say the researchers in the study.

Going for an early morning walk might help to wake us up, but thanks to this research, stretching our legs after dinner could be the answer to a happy, healthy life. Time to lace up your walking boots...

Here's some inspiration to help you get out walking both now and in the future. Take note of current travel restrictions which mean we can only walk in our local area.

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