The best TikTok mug cake recipes for when you need a sweet treat

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Photo credit: TikTok

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Anybody with a sweet tooth (guilty) will attest to the importance of having an easy dessert recipe up your sleeve. Whether it's five ingredient cookies or a quick Oreo truffle idea, knowing how to pull together a sweet treat at the drop of the hat is key.

The latest recipe trend to go viral on TikTok is mug cakes, with loads of different users sharing their unique takes on the cake in the a cup idea. Some promise to only use classic cupboard ingredients (butter, flour, sugar, cocoa powder and eggs), while others are a little more advanced (melt in the middle lava cake, anyone?)

But one thing promises to tie them all together: the fact they're made in a mug, and are usually cooked in under a minute in the microwave. So if you don't have a microwave? Sorry pal, don't think this TikTok recipe is for you. Maybe try the tomato feta pasta, hmm?

The best mug cake recipes on TikTok

1.Biscoff four-ingredient mug cake

Rather than using an egg or butter, Biscoff spread and a dash of milk make up the liquid part of this recipe. Just add flour and baking powder. Yum.

2. Nutella mug cake

Two tablespoons Nutella. One egg. Two tablespoons flour. Two minutes. Easy.

3. Oreo mug cake

Combine four Oreos with some classic cupboard ingredients (milk, flour, sugar, baking powder) to create a chocolatey, gooey delight.

4. Peanut butter banana mug cake

For a 'healthier' alternative, replace refined sugar with a banana, an egg and a spoon of peanut butter. This actually sounds delicious.

5. Two minute mug brownie

A brownie more up your street than a cake? That can still happen in a mug! This TikTok recipe uses cocoa powder, flour, oil, sugar and some water (as well as chocolate chips.) Easy.

6. Flourless mug cake

Combine four ingredients - banana, cocoa powder, peanut butter and chocolate chips - to make a fudgy treat.

7. Birthday mug cake

Add sprinkles to this vanilla cake mix for the ultimate celebration cake (made in under two minutes.)

8. Vegan mug cookie

Cookie fans, this one's for you. A classic chocolate chip cookie, cooked in the microwave. Dreamy.

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