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Amy Kaspriskie
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 Tennis player with sweatband
Tennis player with sweatband

Sweat is a normal byproduct of a strenuous workout. But it doesn't have to be a nuisance. Sweatbands allow you to account for the drench ahead of time, keeping it from your eyes and hands so sight and grip intact. Crafted from absorbent fabrics, these moisture-managing barriers are available in both headband and wristband styles. Whether you're deadlifting or swatting a tennis racket, our helpful selection will keep the glisten to a minimum. 

No sweat

Sweat is a part of every workout or sporting activity, so it's best to deal with it in advance. For that, there are sweatbands. These lightweight bands, positioned at the brow or wrists, are absorbent layers with a second-skin fit. The poshei 4-pack men's headband sweatband set makes it to the top of our list because of their easy design. Cast in featherweight, moisture-wicking stretch, these thin bands are a comfortable, fitted sweat solution. They have a broad forehead spanning design that tapers to reach perfectly behind ears. These bands are so unassuming, they even fit under helmets, which is great news for cyclists. 

When it comes to keeping hands dry, wristbands are a simple necessity, and the WILLBOND 6-pack wrist sweatband set offers three quick-dry pairs. These classic cotton-blend bands are infused with custom-fit stretch and maintain a low profile despite their absorbent nature. Several fun color options are also available to complete your fitness ensemble.