The Best Small-Space Furniture Buys

Elizabeth Buxton

Living the small space lifestyle is an ongoing battle and right now, while we're all stuck at home, living small can feel even more oppressive.

Sometimes, after an exhaustive search for stuff that actually fits in our mini homes, we strike the furniture jackpot with a piece that epitomises our spacial, stylistic and budgetary trifecta. But just because these home buys feel like a rarity, that doesn't mean that there aren't options out there. It's a matter of finding the time to hunt them down.

If turning small space furniture hunting into a full-time job isn't on the cards right now, don't sweat it — because we've got you and your tiny apartment's back. We're hula-hooping our way through the best buys in budget, size and statement-making — from chic nesting tables to decorative room dividers, sleek shelving, comfy ottomans with secret storage, and even a loveseat. Scroll on for furniture finds that will maximise tight spaces while keeping minimalism and style top of mind — so you can easily shop, decorate and relax without ever leaving your tiny abode (or quitting your day job).

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When You Need One Piece To Work Three Times As Hard
This streamlined piece is ready to work the space-saving trifecta of a compact loveseat, extra table space, and multi-tiered storage unit.
When Making Space For A Vanity Is Done In Vain
Not all vanities are cumbersome floor sets — this streamlined wall system was made to be a small-space readying station star.
The Extra Seating That Isn't Ugly

These stacking stools will sit happily in your living room, functioning as a table for a trailing plant, stacking books or another purpose, until you need them for actual sitting on.

Morfus Peggi Stool, $, available at Morfus

When You Need (But Can't Sacrifice) More Table Space
Go the nesting-table route — this chic hexagonal trio is ready to open up surface area wherever you need it, and stack up wherever you don't.
When Your Home Is Also Your Office
Meet the space-saving champion that is this wall-mounted and fold-out bookshelf plus desk.
When Your Apartment Won't Fit A Full Sofa
This affordable and stylish, compact-couch has extra seating needs covered.
When You Can't Shove Any More Hangers Inside Your Shoebox Closet
This Art Deco-esque, wall-mounted coat rack will solve those limited hanging space issues with streamlined style.
When You Can't Sacrifice Space For Decor
Pick up an item that serves double duty for fashion and function — this rattan coffee table is more than just a bohemian anchor piece, it also packs a secret hidden-storage punch.
When Your Book Collection Is Out Of A Hoarders' Episode
Streamline all your favorite paper to hardcovers and magazines with this stylish and slim shelving unit.
When Your Tiny Apartment Is Also A Dark Tiny Apartment
This slim and stylish lamp not only boasts extra storage capabilities but also comes complete with a USB-equipped tray for charging your devices.
When You Must Choose Between Extra Seating Or Extra Storage
This sleek MCM bench will give you the best of both those worlds with its hidden storage interior.
When You Consider Closets To Be A Thing Of Myths
The closet-less small-space plague need no longer trouble you — instead, try out this slender free-standing clothing and shoe rack.
When That Statement Chair Takes Up Too Much Space
Try going for a still stylish seating alternative that has a more space-conscious design — like this foldable bamboo chair that can double as a fire escape sun lounger in the warm days to come.
When You Don't Have A Guest Room (Let Alone Room For Guests)
Tuck this trifold memory-foam topper underneath your main bed to use as a pull-out guest room in a pinch.
When You Don't Have A "Real" Kitchen
Tiny apartments usually don't come complete with separate kitchen spaces — or any kitchen space at all — which is where this multi-shelf cart with a wooden cutting board top comes into convenient play.
When You Don't Have A Room (Or Any Room) For Dining
This compact coffee table not only boasts two bonus storage compartments, but its lift-up top also serves dual purpose as an elevated table for dining inside smaller-sized apartments.
When You Don't Actually Have A "Living Room"
Tuck this small-space version of a coffee table plus bookcase combo beside a compact love seat to create your own studio apartment-style, "living room."
When A Bar Cart Is Too Big (But So Is Your Booze Collection)
Try going with a wall-mounted bar instead to save precious floor space — bonus points for one that also serves as an artful succulent garden.
When Your Floor Square Footage Is Nearly Nonexistent
This fold-out wall shelf and storage-cage hybrid will support your stuff when floor space won't allow for it.
When Your Bathroom Can't Contain Your Beauty Routine
This multi-tiered rolling cart is the vintage-chic answer for containing all of your personal products, from hair to skincare and more.
When "Mud-Rooms" Are A Foreign Concept
This smart entryway storage system is here to hang your entryway essentials in space-saving fashion.
When Your Apartment Is Your Bedroom (& Vice Versa)
When small spaces don't leave room for walls, create your own by setting up a standing-screen with built-in shelving compartments for extra boundaries and storage.
The sofa that will actually fit through your front door

Sure, your living room might be normal sized but are any of your doorways? As someone who's had to hoist a sofa over the back (10 foot high) wall, this company, with their build-it-yourself sofas are genius. The record for putting it together is less than three minutes, it's that easy.

Snug The Rebel 3 Seater Sofa, $, available at Snug

The Shelves That Don't Compromise On Floor Space

Not only do these shelves give added floor space (which really helps with the illusion of space), the metal sides give extra hanging possibilities.

String Pocket Shelves, $, available at John Lewis & Partners

The Bed That's Hiding Another Bed

For those of you with a much-lusted after guest room, these stackable beds provide sleeping space for not one but two extra people – creating one large double or two singles.

Ikea UTÅKER Stackable Bed, $, available at Ikea

The Bathroom Shelves That Don't Take Up The Whole Bathroom

When your bathroom is already tiny, you don't need extra floor space taken up with storage. This caddy can either hang from a shower rod (make sure it's sturdy), sit on a windowsill or take up only a teeny-tiny amount of space on the floor.

Urban Outfitters Minimal Rose Gold Standing Bathroom Storage Rack, $, available at Urban Outfitters

The Mattress That Doesn't Take Up The Space Of A Mattress

If you don't have a guest room, don't worry about it – this foldable Muji mattress will slip under a bed or in a cupboard easily and is much easier to manoeuvre than that air bed your mum insists on blowing up every Christmas.

Muji Foldaway Guest Mattress, $, available at Muji

The Extra Seating With The Secret Storage

Perfect to use in a living room where only one couch will fit, this ottoman provides some much-needed extra seating if any guests come round. However, it also lifts up to store whatever else you would rather not have on show.

Safina Ottoman Storage Bench in Pink Velvet, $, available at Furniture 123

The Storage Boxes That Are Easy On The Eye

Ideally, you'd like everything that isn't meant to be on show tucked away until it's ready to be used, but with no storage space, that's not always an option. Luckily, these storage boxes can be stacked in a corner and look like they're meant to be there without causing too much of a fuss. Daven Set of 2 Metal Storage Box Trunks, $, available at

The Work-From-Home Desk That Doesn't Dominate The Room

With fewer of us working in offices, small desks are much in need. My top pick is still the leaning desk, which is best for providing stability, taking up minimal floor space and providing shelving storage too. Kleur Leaning Desk, Pine and Grey, $, available at

Habitat Drew Bamboo and white lacquer ladder desk, $, available at Habitat
The Shelves That Won't Annoy Your Landlord

Wall mounted shelving is not the friend of renters – landlords don't tend to take kindly to giant holes left from attaching things to their walls. These leaning shelves, in the same way as the desk, are the next best option as they take up so little floor space.

Habitat Jessie Oak Narrow Leaning Bookcase, $, available at Habitat

Ikea FROSTA Stackable Stool, $, available at Ikea

Urban Outfitters Vinyl Record Storage Shelf, $, available at Urban Outfitters
The Bedside Table That Doesn't Swamp The Room

Again, no legs means no wasted floor space thus leaving room underneath this floating bedside table to create the feel of a bigger room – or use it to stack books.

La Redoute Valga Wall-Mounted Bedside Table, $, available at La Redoute

The Shelves That Use Dead Space

Corners are notoriously difficult to fill, and it's a shame when you're living with small spaces. This corner shelving unit makes use of all angles – its height gives more storage too.

Wayfair Piano Corner Bookcase, $, available at Wayfair

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