This is the best-selling product in the whole of Space NK

Jonathan Van Ness once told me that the number-one bugbear he experiences with his hair clients (yes, your favourite body-positive Netflix star is also a superstar stylist) is their total refusal to use heat protection.

So, I'm not alone. While we all know that prevention is better than cure, when it comes to our hair it seems we're much more willing to splash out on deep-conditioning treatments and hair masks than we are to simply shield our strands in the first place.

It's hardly surprising though, when you consider most heat-protect sprays are boring with a capital B. What's more, the vast majority of them leave a sticky film over your strands, and make fried ends feel more straw-like than ever.

All this is exactly why I've worked my way through two tubs of Jonathan Van Ness' Complete Instant Recovery Serum since his eponymous JVN Hair brand launched at Space NK just two months ago. And it turns out I'm not alone in loving this creamy, instantly absorbed hair protector, as Space NK has confirmed the product to be its best-selling product – not just in the hair category, but across the entire site.

So popular is this wonder formulation that it was infuriatingly out of stock for quite some time – but, at the time of writing, there is currently stock on the site, and I suggest you jump on it swiftly.

What's all the fuss about? If you're yet to try the breakout hit of the JVN line, here's what you should know. It's a serum-textured heat protectant, which frankly should be enough to have straightener addicts adding one straight to cart. But that's not all: the creamy formula contains the brand's star ingredient, hemi-squalane, which is a modified version of the skin-identical squalane you'll likely find in your favourite hydrating facial products. Combined with niacinamide and charged lemon proteins, it works to rehydrate parched strands, repairing the outer shaft to prevent splits, and smoothing texture to increase surface shine.

Honestly, the results here speak for themselves: nothing has made my coarse, curly hair feel smoother and more resistant to frizz, while I have finer-haired friends that have confirmed it doesn't weigh down roots or leave behind a greasy film. All that, and you can finally ditch that drying, alcohol-laden heat-protectant spray. Isn't it nice when a brand offers up a product you actually, truly need?

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