Best Roller Skates

Nicole Johnston
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 roller skates
roller skates

We may no longer have carhops, and roller derbies aren’t as popular, but roller skating is still a fun pastime for kids of all ages. And it is a great way to get some exercise. You can skate outside or inside with either quad rollers - skates with four wheels in a square pattern - or with inline skates - those with wheels in a single file. No matter which skates you want, we’ve got a few ideas to consider. 

On a roll: Recommendations for a good pair of skates

The Skate Gear Classic roller skates are a great place to start for beginners, but they are popular among pro skaters, too. These skates have their wheels positioned in a square pattern to give you the best support and balance. The brake pad on the toes helps you stop quickly without toppling over. Made for both men and women, the Skate Gear Classic comes in multiple colors and designs.

For kids, we recommend the Rainbow Unicorn roller skates by Sulifeel. Designed like classic roller derby skates, these have extra strength and support around the ankles. The boots are fastened to a skate plate that adjusts as your child’s feet grow, or as they become more balanced and confident in their skating.

If you’re ready for something a bit more challenging, try inline skating. This requires a bit more skill and balance because it is similar to ice skating, but on land. The Rollerblades inline skates are the best you can get. The wheels are thicker so you can actually stand upright in the skates. The brake is on the back which gives you a little more control to glide to a stop. Plus it’s a good tool for accomplishing some pretty slick tricks.