All Of The Best Reactions To The Facebook, Instagram And WhatsApp Outage

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Photo credit: Santiago Nunez - Getty Images
Photo credit: Santiago Nunez - Getty Images

Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook were down for almost six hours yesterday, in a major worldwide outage.

Facebook, which owns the social media platforms, blamed an internal technical issue, which not only affected its services, but reportedly also employees' work passes and email accounts.

Twitter became the unexpected star of the day, as one of the only popular social media services still up and running. The company took the chance to bask in the glory, tweeting 'Hello literally everyone', which was liked over three million times.

Instagram poked fun at itself by replying, somewhat ironically: 'Hi and happy Monday'.

Other brands also piled on to the thread, including Starbucks, Reddit, Burger King and Whole Foods.


When Facebook was finally back online, its chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg personally apologised to all those affected by the outage.

Thankfully, we're back on the group chats and browsing on Instagram - but that's not to say we won't miss the memes...

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