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Peik Lin Goh, Crazy Rich Asians

"Good for you. Walking away from Nick and his family's fat-ass property portfolio. You have no one, no net worth, but you have integrity. That's why I respect you."

The Best Quotes From Rom-Com BFFs Who Aren't Afraid of a Little Tough Love

Romantic comedies may be full of clichés, but we can't help but love them. And where would our distressed rom-com heroines (and heroes) be without their trusty BFFs? Oftentimes, these faithful sidekicks are unlucky in their own love lives, flying under the radar with their inappropriate quips, tough love advice, and brutally honest opinions. So in honor of these cinematic underdogs, we're putting the best friends in the limelight for once with their wisest and funniest words of wisdom on dating, sex, and relationships. Because we all need friends who will tell it like it is.

- Additional reporting by Lauren Harano


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