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The Best Pomades For Every Single Hair Type

Even after Doomsday has come and gone, the remaining few will find something to argue over in their concrete bunkers metres below the torment above: what is the best pomade for men? The aggression levels begin to rise, survivors arguing over the perfect shine, whether to add to wet or dry hair and how much hold is too much hold. Such dilemmas.

Luckily, nuclear winter hasn't arrived. Yet. But in 2020, the men's hair product labyrinth can be rather overwhelming. For those new to pomades, the options can be misleading too, with all kinds of ingredients, functions and physical forms that make figuring out which bloody pomade should go in which kind of bloody hair the tonsorial equivalent of the Enigma code. To help you on your way (and settle the argument before it even happens), we've selected the best pomades to consider when styling your morning mop, whether it's fine, fading, frizzy, or anything in between.

The Best Pomades For Every Single Hair Type

Finding the perfect pomade to control your stubborn hair

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