Best polarized sunglasses

Amy Kaspriskie
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 Sunglasses against the sky
Sunglasses against the sky

Solar spectacles handle bright light and provide UV protection, but polarization takes sun safety up a notch. Polarized sunglasses are all about the lenses, their specialized treatment heightening sight to provide high definition and contrast, improving world views. These glasses reinvent light, toning down glare for crisp composition in the brightest lighting conditions. Whether you're looking for a great pair of driving or everyday glasses, choosing frames with polarized lenses is the way to go. Gain a new perspective; take in our sun-ready selections.

Polarized prep

Peak peeper protection begins with sunglasses, and those with polarization take the sun seriously. Polarization cuts down on glare and enhances contrast and color, providing a clear, spectacular view. Sunglasses with the benefit of polarization are likely also UV protected to cast away harmful rays and keep sight intact. The MERRY'S unisex polarized sunglasses tops our list because of their classic rectangular shape, easy-wearing resin and aluminum frame, and wide, 56-millimeter lenses. The lenses are the best in protection with 100-percent UV protection and that essential polarized finish. 

The Polarspex polarized retro wayfarer sunglasses are another great choice if retro flair is also a priority. With that signature plastic frame and squared shape, they bring time-honored style for a vintage look (and an air of mystery). The 52-millimeter lenses are also sun-prepared with polarization and UV protection. With a ton of fun color and pattern options available, there are many options to love.