Best pizza oven: 8 top outdoor pizza oven options for your winter garden

Sarah Warwick
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If you want to get outside to make the most out of your time at home then having the best pizza oven makes for a very good excuse to do so. It's a handy addition to any garden which can be used all year-round – just make sure you wrap up warm when the snow is falling – and is a masterful time saver if you want dinner in under a minute. It's much faster than BBQing, and tastes better than a pizza delivery...

Tempted? We've done our research (and a little testing) to find the very best pizza oven on the market for the year ahead. Whether you have a large area to work with or a small terrace, and no matter how small or sizeable your budget is – see the top eight buys below. Because cooking in the garden isn't just for the summertime, believe it or not.

Keep scrolling to find the model that suits you. Once you are done, why not stop by our best BBQ guide for a nose?

Best pizza oven

Best pizza oven you can buy: Ooni Fyra Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven
Best pizza oven you can buy: Ooni Fyra Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

1. Ooni Fyra Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

Best pizza oven you can buy: tried, tested and loved by us

Best for: Overall | Fuel: Wood fired | Materials: Stainless steel | Dimensions: H66 x W38 x D70cm


Fast – pizza in 60 seconds

Great price

Has to be placed on a table or some sort of surface

We've tried and tested this Ooni Fyra Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven, and we only have good things to report back. Not only is it affordable, but it's also easy to use, it looks great, it's portable and obviously it makes incredible pizzas, too. It ticks all our boxes! Wood-fired, it can cook pizza dough – specifically a 13-inch size pizza – in just 60 seconds, and it's great for use when you have people over or several mouths to feed.

With a stainless-steel body, this pizza oven holds heat very well and it features a custom-designed fuel tray to allow maximum airflow. Easy to clean and great for all size gardens, it's lightweight, it has foldable legs and a detachable chimney and pellet hopper. Take it on staycations, to a friend's house or just leave it in your garden on your tabletop. 

What else do we love? You can also use it to cook meat, fish and vegetable dishes (see you later, big BBQ) and it has a letterbox-style opening to make it easy to check on your cooking pizza.

best pizza oven - Burnhard Nero Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven
best pizza oven - Burnhard Nero Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven

2. Burnhard Nero Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven

Second best pizza oven you can buy: create an authentic pizza for a very reasonable price

Best for: Perfect pizzas | Fuel: Wood pellets, briquettes, or charcoal | Materials: Stainless steel, wool | Dimensions: H47 x W57 x D29.5 cm

Heats up super quick

Ingenious pellet feeing system

Energy efficient

Thermometer will discolour after use

The second best pizza oven (in our opinion) is this option from Burnhard. It combines authenticity and ease of use to perfection and is ready to use in just 10 minutes. The pizza stone which comes with this one absorbs heat quickly, so quickly in fact that it will cook your pizza to crispy-perfection in just a few minutes.

Made of two layers of stainless steel separated by a layer of wool insulation, the temperature inside the main cavity will be able to be maintained at a steady 500 °C. And if you want to keep an eye on the temperature you can with the built-in thermometer in the removable door.

You can choose your fuel with this buy, too – charcoal, pellets, firewood, or briquettes – and if you don't fancy pizza then you may as well try to make a tarte flambée, quiche or fresh bread.

Cuckooland DeliVita Outdoor Pizza Oven
Cuckooland DeliVita Outdoor Pizza Oven

3. DeliVita Outdoor Pizza Oven

Best pizza oven for a quick pizza: this stylish wood-fired oven will cook a 12 inch pizza with authentic Italian taste in just 90 seconds

Best for: Pizza aficionados | Fuel: Wood | Materials: Fibreglass and stainless steel | Dimensions: H35 x W59 x D65cm

Chic design

Will fit balconies and patios

Choice of colours

Not a classic oven


We really do love this pizza oven but that investment price tag has comfortably bought it to our number three spot. If you have the budget then this outdoor pizza oven would be so worth it.

It takes 25 minutes to get up to temperature (its maximum is 550ºC) and, once there, cooking a 12 inch pizza takes just 90 seconds. In our book that barely counts as a wait. And although it might not have classic pizza oven looks, we think that’s more than compensated for by the fact that this design is light (just 30kg) and portable, and small enough to fit into even a balcony garden.

There’s a range of colours to choose from, including this vintage blue, plus chilli red, very black, olive green and hale grey, and you can pick from different bundles of tools and accessories with the oven.

Other things we love? You can keep it outside year round, and you can cooks steaks, fish and veggies in it, too.

John Lewis Ooni Pro Large Multi Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven
John Lewis Ooni Pro Large Multi Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven

4. Ooni Pro Large Multi Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven

Best pizza oven for flexibility: with heat up time 20 minutes and cooking time 60 seconds you’ll be turning out the margheritas and more for a crowd

Best for: Quick cooking and flexibility | Fuel: Wood, charcoal, wood pellets or gas | Material: Stainless steel, cordierite stone | Dimensions: H79 x W49 x D74cm

£499 at John Lewis & Partners

Cooks up to 16 inch pizzas

Wide choice of fuels


Viewing window

Needs to be positioned on a tabletop

We like the flexibility of this pizza oven. It can be used with wood, charcoal, wood pellets or gas, although it’s the wood and charcoal burner it comes with and you’ll have to buy the gas burner if that’s your preferred fuel. It also gives you options when it comes to cooking. It’ll do you a delicious Italian-style pizza, of course, but also has room to cook large roasts, or fish, and can cook veggies or bake bread, too.

It gets up to 500ºC in just 20 minutes, which is super speedy, and pizzas of up to 16 inches in size take an amazingly quick 60 seconds. You can even spend the minute watching the cooking through the viewing window.

The design’s portable, so you can take it on day trips and staycations – you’ll just need a tabletop to locate it on.

Amazon Set Ramster Wood Oven
Amazon Set Ramster Wood Oven

5. Set Ramster Wood Oven

Best pizza oven that’s a double: two garden ovens will give you plenty of space to make bread as well as pizza

Best for: Taking the kitchen outside | Fuel: Wood | Material: Steel | Dimensions: H90 x W58 x D59cm

Two ovens

Bakes bread, cake and more as well as pizza

Bulky design

You’ve got a double oven in the kitchen, so why not in the garden? This design is a based on traditional German wood-fired baking ovens and has two compartments: the one at the bottom is ideal for baking bread and will fit up to four loaves. Above is the multi-oven, which is height adjustable and as well as ideal for cooking pizza, can also cook meat, bread, and baked potatoes. You’ll also get a stainless steel thermometer, but a stand isn’t included.

Wickes Outdoor BBQ Pizza Oven
Wickes Outdoor BBQ Pizza Oven

6. Wickes Outdoor BBQ Pizza Oven

Best budget pizza oven: add this clever design to a gas or charcoal BBQ and – hey presto – you can cook pizzas

Best for: : Getting more from your barbecue | Fuel: As for your barbecue | Material: Stainless steel | Dimensions: H15 x W40 x D35cm

Lower cost option

Temperature gauge

Saves space

Carrying handles

You need a barbecue first

Let’s say you’re already the satisfied owner of a barbecue, but don’t have room for a pizza oven as well. Or perhaps you don’t have the budget right now for a pizza oven? If either’s the case, we can recommend this nifty way to get yourself equipped with one nonetheless. You just team this design with a gas or charcoal barbecue and you can cook your pizza on the barbecue.

It heats up in around 10 minutes, and has a removable stone base, plus there’s even a temperature gauge. Oh, and carrying’s easy, too, as it’s got handles.

La Hacienda BBQ Pizza Oven
La Hacienda BBQ Pizza Oven

7. La Hacienda BBQ Pizza Oven

Best Amazon pizza oven: Prime members, check this pizza oven out! It's affordable and easy to use...

Best for: Amazon pick | Fuel: Gas or charcoal (from a BBQ) | Material: Stainless steel | Dimensions: 35 x 40 x 15cm



Simple to use

Easy to store

Heats up fast

Carry handles

You need a BBQ to use it

Can only cook one pizza at a time

Oops. It looks like this item is currently out of stock. As soon as it becomes available to buy again from your favourite stores our handy pricing widget (above) will automatically display the best price.

The La Hacienda BBQ Pizza Oven is our pick of the best pizza oven you can buy from Amazon. While it's not technically a pizza oven, more of a pizza oven attachment for your BBQ, it does do the job well. First of all, it heats up within 10 minutes after being placed on your gas or charcoal BBQ. And then there's the fact it's compact so easy to store and great for those with smaller gardens. It measures 15cm high, 40cm wide and 35cm deep – just enough to cook one pizza or two small ones.

Available in black or stainless steel and simple in features, it has an insulated stainless-steel housing for heat retention, and also a temperature gauge so you know when it's ready for your dough. With a removable stone base, it also boasts carry handles for when it comes to storing, and you needn't assemble it either – it arrives ready for use! 

best pizza oven - Sol 72 Outdoor Brendon Pizza Oven
best pizza oven - Sol 72 Outdoor Brendon Pizza Oven

8. Sol 72 Outdoor Brendon Pizza Oven

Best wood fired pizza oven: it will keep you toasty warm whilst you're cooking outdoors

Best for: Wood burning | Fuel: Wood | Material: Steel | Dimensions: Info unavilable

Looks great

Heats up quickly

Easy to put together

No instructions on how to cook the pizza

Oops. It looks like this item is currently out of stock. As soon as it becomes available to buy again from your favourite stores our handy pricing widget (above) will automatically display the best price.

If you like the thought of cooking a pizza on a log fire then here is your chance to make it happen. This wood fired pizza oven will heat up quickly and cook a pizza in three minutes when at a constant 200ºC, and will keep you warm too since essentially you're standing next to an open wood fire whilst cooking.

The rustic look will look great in a garden setting (think woodland) and it's really easy to put together, too. It has a grill included and a thermometer implemented in the oven so you have everything you need to get up to temperature.

How to buy the best pizza oven

When you're looking to buy the best pizza oven for you and your home, there are a few factors which you'll need to consider.

Think fuel 

If you’re after authentic Italian flavour, we think it has to be wood. However, you’ll find charcoal and even gas used to fuel pizza ovens and you can still get great taste from these designs.

Look at the speed of heat up and cooking 

Dedicated pizza ovens offer some rapid cooking times, which can make things less stressful if you’re cooking for a larger group.

Do you need your pizza oven to be portable? 

These designs can work in even tiny gardens, plus go out and about with you, and they’re good for those who move home a lot, too.

Are you after a multi-functional model?

You can cook more than pizza in a pizza oven, of course, but you may want a design that’s barbecue and smoker, too, to save doubling up on appliances.

Head over to our guide on how to use a pizza oven for more top tips. 

How are you going to use your pizza oven?

There's so many different food types you can cook on a pizza oven, aside from the obvious pizza. See our pizza oven recipes for some inspiration.

Which is the best pizza oven?

To recap... the best pizza oven (in our opinion) is the Ooni Fyra portable pizza oven. It heats up super quickly and will cook your preferred pizza in less than 60 seconds. It's great for small spaces and as the legs fold down it's also portable so you can take it with you on holiday or even on camping trips. It's also a great value price. We love it. 

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