Best mullet competition underway in America

USA Mullet Championships/Kevin Begola/Cover Images

A competition to find the person with the "best mullet" is underway in America.

Voting in the USA Mullet Championships ran from Friday to Tuesday 11 October, with 25 contenders vying for the prize. The results will be announced later this month.

Over 600 people with retro haircuts submitted headshots in the competition. And in addition to being the winning mullet-bearer, the champion will receive prizes that include $2,500 and a pair of sunglasses from sponsors Pit Viper.

The mullet was popularised in the 1980s and early 1990s with the likes of Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze, Billy Ray Cyrus, and David Hasselhoff all sporting their own versions.

But the unlikely bald figure of Kevin Begola, 42, from Linden, Michigan has sparked his own resurgence in the popularity of the mullet by starting the championships in 2020 as a state-wide competition to promote his men's wear store, Bridge Street Exchange.

In 2021, Begola restaged the competition as a nationwide online contest with categories for women, teenagers, and children.

Now, competitive eating contest organisers Major League Eating have helped him stage live events as part of qualifying for the competition.

The reigning USA Mullet champion, Clint Duncan, is a 37-year-old pipe fitter from Knoxville, Tennessee.