Best mini trampoline

Jen Karner
·1-min read
 A child stands on a fisher price mini trampoline.
A child stands on a fisher price mini trampoline.

You might not think of a mini trampoline when putting together your home gym. After all, in many cases, trampolines are seen more as toys for kids than a workout helper. However, a mini trampoline can deliver all sorts of fitness benefits and can be used in various ways to intensify your daily workout. We've collected the best of the best for you here. 

Bottom line

A mini trampoline is a great low impact way to get fit while staying at home. There are plenty of different options for getting your cardio workout in. Still, this accessory can quickly help you to amp up the intensity without destroying your joints in the process. Our recommendation is the BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline. It's a 40-inch model that folds up when it's time to be put away and has a weight limit of 350 pounds. It also includes a handlebar to keep you stable as you get your heart rate up!