The best Middle Eastern inspired recipes

middle eastern recipes
The best Middle Eastern recipesHearst Owned

Whether you make homemade falafels, hummus, bulghur wheat salads or fluffy pitta breads, there's no denying that Middle Eastern food is varied and full of amazing flavours.

We've rounded up 23 of our favourite recipes to try, with some team favourites like the Middle Eastern spiced roast chicken, our shawarma spiced tofu skewers and our new favourite loaf cake: the Persian loaf cake with a gorgeous rose-scented icing layer on top.

Shawarma-spiced Tofu Skewers

Smoky, spicy and big on flavour. Tofu is the best vessel for absorbing bold flavours.

Recipe: Shawarma-spiced Tofu Skewers

shawarma spiced tofu skewers
Mike English

Shawarma Spiced Chicken Traybake

These are seriously delicious DIY kebabs and much healthier for you. The perfect midweek meal option.

Recipe: Shawarma Spiced Chicken Traybake

shawarma spiced chicken traybake
Alex Luck - Hearst Owned

Chicken Shawarma Pastries

We love a pastry fusion and this one has a shawarma spiced filling, with a sprinkling of black onion seeds on top. So delicious!

Recipe: Chicken Shawarma Pastries

chicken shawarma pastries
Kris Kirkham - Hearst Owned

Lebanese Cauliflower Bowls

Crispy, spicy cauliflower florets are served alongside fresh tabbouleh and a smoky yet silky smooth baba ghanoush. Our dream dinner.

Recipe: Lebanese Cauliflower Bowls

lebanese cauliflower bowls
Hearst Owned

Roasted Tomato & Tabbouleh Salad

This speedy and simple salad comes together in only 30 minutes and makes a great side to grilled meat or fish.

Recipe: Roasted Tomato & Tabbouleh Salad

roasted tomato and tabbouleh salad
istetiana - Getty Images

Persian Tea Loaf

This beautifully vibrant loaf cake is made by infusing dried fruits in Earl Grey tea which adds a lovely floral taste to the finished cake.

Recipe: Persian Tea Loaf

persian tea loaf cake
Gareth Morgans - Hearst Owned

Rainbow Carrot and Beetroot Carpaccio

This beautiful dish consists of vibrant rainbow carrot and beetroot, finely sliced and gently pickled. Served on a bed of labneh yoghurt.

Recipe: Rainbow Carrot and Beetroot Carpaccio

rainbow carrot and beetroot carpaccio
Hearst Owned

Middle Eastern Lamb Burger

This tasty 'burger' is served inside flatbread which perfectly catches all the juicy lamb mince and hummus flavours.

Recipe: Middle Eastern Lamb Burger

middle eastern lamb burger
Good Housekeeping

Middle Eastern Roast Chicken Traybake

This chicken traybake has all the flavours of the Middle East, with sumac, za'atar, dried apricots, pomegranate seeds and preserved lemons.

Recipe: Middle Eastern Roast Chicken Traybake

middle eastern roast chicken
Hearst Owned

Slow Cooked Beef Brisket with Orzo

Melt-in-the-mouth tender beef is speckled with vibrant pomegranate jewels, tossed through orzo pasta. It makes the perfect Sunday lunch.

Recipe: Slow Cooked Beef Brisket with Orzo

slow cooked beef brisket with orzo
Good Housekeeping UK - Hearst Owned

Za'atar Lemon Chicken and Cauliflower Steaks

Make sure you allow enough time to marinate the chicken and cauliflower for at least 4 hours prior to cooking - it ensures the lovely zingy flavours come through well.

Recipe: Za'atar Lemon Chicken and Cauliflower Steaks

zaatar lemon chicken and cauliflower steaks
gh - Hearst Owned

Crab, Harissa and Chickpea Soup

Harissa adds a lovely fragrant taste to this speedy soup and it's ready in just 25min!

Recipe: Crab, Harissa and Chickpea Soup

crab, harissa and chickpea soup
Hearst Owned

Falafel Pittas

A fail-safe recipe to have in your repertoire, these falafels are on the chunkier side and we love that you can see whole chickpeas in it. Serve with hummus and warmed pitta bread.

Recipe: Falafel Pittas

falafel pittas
Hearst Owned

Falafel and Bulgur Bowl

We've used shop bought falafel mix to speed through this tasty midweek recipe idea. Serve with bulgur wheat for a healthy dinner option.

Recipe: Falafel and Bulgur Bowl

falafel and bulgur bowl recipe
Vinny Whiteman

Mixed Bean Falafel and Sweet Potato Hummus

Leaving the skin on the sweet potato adds extra fibre and flavour in the hummus. But, if you're short on time, feel free to use a shop bought hummus.

Recipe: Mixed Bean Falafel and Sweet Potato Hummus

mixed bean falafel and sweet potato hummus
Kris Kirkham - Hearst Owned

Broad Bean Falafel with Wild Rice

Broad beans, pea and coriander are blended into these tasty falafels. They're hearty and delicious.

Recipe: Broad Bean Falafel with Wild Rice

broad bean falafel with wild rice
Hearst Owned

Pitta Bread

You'll need some fluffy pitta bread to go alongside your falafel and hummus and this is our best homemade pitta recipe, ever!

Recipe: Pitta Bread

pitta bread
Alex Luck - Hearst Owned

Carrot, Chickpea and Falafel Tray Bake

We love a traybake. It's such an easy dinner option when you're stuck on what to make. This one combines carrots, chickpeas and ready-made falafels with a dukkah spice mix.

Recipe: Carrot, Chickpea and Falafel Tray Bake

carrot, chickpea and falafel tray bake
Hearst Owned

Falafel and Tabbouleh Traybake

Ready in under an hour and full of lovely spiced and fresh flavours. This is one of our go-to recipes.

Recipe: Falafel and Tabbouleh Traybake

falafel and tabbouleh traybake
Oscar Hather - Hearst Owned

Falafel and Red Pepper Dip

Let the food processor do all the hard work with these tasty falafels which are served alongside a deliciously sweet roasted red pepper dip.

Recipe: Falafel and Red Pepper Dip

falafels and red pepper dip
Hearst Owned

Raw Falafel with Coleslaw

We've turned the classic falafel recipe into a twisted version with these no-cook falafels. You just need to let them set in the fridge and they make a perfect lunch the next day.

Recipe: Raw Falafel with Coleslaw

raw falafel with coleslaw
Hearst Owned

Falafel Burger

This recipe is like one giant falafel - in burger form! We've stuffed it into a pocket with our favourite salad fillings and an irresistible hummus and harissa sauce.

Recipe: Falafel Burger

falafel burger
Hearst Owned

Falafel and Feta Pizza

Falafel and feta on a pizza might seem like an odd combination but we promise it works. Plus, the pizza base isn't technically a pizza base as it's made from chickpea flour.

Recipe: Falafel and Feta Pizza

gluten free falafel and feta pizza
gh - Hearst Owned

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