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The Best Men's Sweatshirts To Keep You A Big And Cozy Boy In 2020

A permanent state of WFH has put your usual rotation OOO. What does one do in a morning, when freshly-pressed trousers and shiny new loafers and really lovely suits end up ignored, confined to another day at the kitchen table on a conference call that quickly descends into "what you having for lunch, then?"

You get cozy. And you can do so with a brand new sweatshirt. Originally designed to protect New York warehouse workers (who probably needed a few more general workers' protections thrown in), the Thirties gave rise to a new form of dress-down casuals with blue collar credentials. The original article had hoods attached for better protection (that is for another episode), and slowly but surely, sweatshirts infiltrated gyms, colleges, sportswear and early Noughties secondary school uniforms. A staple is born.

Now, they're not so dour Yonkers meatpacker. They can be that. But sweatshirts run the gamut of menswear. They can be colourful. They can be a bit Gucci. They can even be suitable to wear in tandem with your tailoring. Y'know, just in case you do want to keep smart as we all play indoors for a little while.

Here are the best sweatshirts for men.

The Best Men's Sweatshirts To Keep You A Big And Cozy Boy In 2020

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