Best man breaks his arm night before wedding – then his replacement ends up on crutches

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
The ill-fated best man and his replacement made it to the wedding. [Photo: SWNS]

A best man has told how he broke his arm just before his best friend’s wedding – only for his replacement to go and break his foot, too.

Steven Jackson, 39, was in the middle of best man duties the night before the wedding of his friend Michael Jackson, 40.

After enjoying a curry and some beers with Michael, plus Michael’s father and son, Steven returned to a hotel room in Oldham to get an early night before the big day.

But, as he took his trousers off, he slipped and fell off the bed, breaking his arm.

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Steven, a postman, from Middleton, Rochdale, said: “I was in shock so didn’t really register the pain right away and Michael was laughing until he saw the state of my arm.”

The groom called an ambulance to take Steven to hospital. Meanwhile, he broke the bad news to his best friend that he would have to choose a replacement best man, instead.

Steven at the hospital. [Photo: SWNS]

“Michael said our friend, Brendan, would have to be best man because it didn’t look like I’d make it to the wedding,” Steven said.

“As the ambulance doors closed Brendan shouted out: ‘yes! I’m the best man now!’”

However, this was not the only disaster to be had for the unlucky wedding party.

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Steven, who had broken the humerus bone in his arm, woke up at 7am the next morning to see the groom’s replacement best man, Brendan, arriving at the bed next to him.

“I woke up at 7am on the Saturday and Brendan wheeled himself in and said ‘morning neighbour!,” said Steven.

The couple still went on to have a happy wedding. [Photo: SWNS]

Shortly after Steven’s accident, Brendan had tripped on a pavement while having a cigarette.

He was diagnosed with a broken foot the same night.

Despite the wedding party’s ill-fated night, both best man and replacement best man managed to make it to the wedding the next day.

“It was a nightmare – I felt sick from the morphine and Brendan was in a lot of pain too,” Steven said.

“But I felt it was my duty to turn up, so I took ages getting myself ready as best I could and made it to the wedding 10 minutes before it was set to start – right in the nick of time.”

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He added: “Michael was in shock when he saw us, but he was chuffed we’d managed to make it. The bride was half an hour late so I was sat wincing in pain, but managed to get through the ceremony.”

Delivering his best man speech at the reception, Steven said: “I intended on getting drunk tonight, but ended up getting plastered!”.

However, all’s well that ends well – and the couple’s wedding day went “without a hitch”.

Groom Michael said: “I just couldn’t believe it was happening – it was like a film. The wedding went without a hitch afterwards and was the best day of our lives.”