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If you want endless 'you smell good' compliments, these are the 10 best long-lasting fragrances to buy

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Spraying your favorite fragrance after getting dressed is the perfect finishing touch that sets the tone for your day. Honestly, think about it — when you know you smell great, your mood instantly changes.

An added bonus, though, is being complimented on your fragrance. If you've wanted to experience this feeling but don't know where to start or just want to build a small but solid collection of long-lasting fragrances, these 10 long-lasting options are the best ones to buy.

After using these for years (except the Aēsop fragrances that I recently added to my arsenal), what I love most is that these leave a lasting impression when worn alone or layered with another fragrance — especially when layered together.

From the sweet and sultry KAYALI Vanilla Royale Sugared Patchouli to the woodsy and dark Jo Malone London Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense, these fragrances are sure to get you those "you smell good" compliments over and over again.

Check out the 10 best long-lasting fragrances I constantly go back to every day below.

It has an enhanced blend of florals, rich spices, and dark notes that linger.
$109 at Cult Beauty

KAYALI has one of the most popular and long-lasting vanilla fragrances on the market — and its cult following proves this. That fragrance, titled Vanilla 28, was released in 2018 and just recently, in 2022, the brand launched an updated, richer version called Vanilla Royale.

After trying it myself, it's safe to say that it lives up to its name. It's one of the most intense fragrances in the KAYALI collection and, when not worn alone, pairs perfectly with other sweet and warm fragrances like the next pick on this list, KAYALI Lovefest.

KAYALI also collaborated with Huda Beauty to launch its cross-brand LoveFest collection.
$125 at Sephora

One of the standout products is its new Burning Cherry fragrance, which has sweet scents of cherry and classic, warm wood gourmand. In addition to being on the sweeter side, this fragrance has slightly spicy notes that make it perfect for layering.

I love wearing this fragrance on its own, but over the past two weeks, I’ve been layering it with the slightly more understated Maison Margiela “REPLICA” Jazz Club for a more complex scent that blends sweet, spicy and smoky. The perfect unisex evening combo! It's also available in a mini and standard size.

This one is deep, warm, lingers for days and surely lives up to its name.
$160 at Nordstrom

You’ve likely already heard of this fragrance as it’s one of Jo Malone London’s most popular and highly reviewed to date. The best-selling Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense has notes of rich myrrh, lavender, warm almond, lush vanilla and tonka bean. It’s deep, warm, lingers for days and surely lives up to its name.

This one stands on its own pretty easily, with so many people asking what I’m wearing, but to keep things interesting, I love layering it with the warm and smooth Tom Ford Velvet Orchid. This combo literally smells like a warm hug.

It's slightly sweet with a smoky and almost ashy lingering note that smells so much better than it sounds.
$160 at Sephora

Maison Margiela’s “REPLICA” fragrance series is among the most popular I’ve ever tried and, frankly, has some of the most interesting notes I’ve encountered to date. With each named after a specific moment or space, these fragrances are long-lasting, complex and versatile.

Jazz Club is, hands down, the best-selling and most popular. It’s slightly sweet with a smoky and almost ashy lingering note that smells so much better than it sounds. Because it’s so light, it pairs perfectly with just about any fragrance you choose to layer. This is truly the most versatile of the bunch.

It currently comes in a mini and standard size.

With notes of cognac, tonka bean and oak wood, this sultry, mysterious fragrance lingers on the skin for hours on end.
$50 at Sephora

You've probably already heard that Rihanna allegedly loves the luxury fragrance brand KILIAN Paris. In fact, rumor has it that her signature scent is its popular Love, Don't Be Shy fragrance that quickly sold out in weeks. While this floral fragrance is one to consider, we've found that Angels Share from the same brand is leaps and bounds better and much more long-lasting and layer-friendly.

With notes of cognac, tonka bean and oak wood, this sultry, mysterious fragrance lingers on the skin for hours on end. I'd best describe this scent as "warm, spicy and slightly sweet." It's quickly become one of my absolute favorites — especially in the fall and winter months. Best of all, it's unisex and layers perfectly with lighter, fresher scents, like the following fragrance.

This one comes in both mini and standard (full) sizes.

This one's crisp and refreshing without being forgetful or overpowering.
$275 at Neiman Marcus

If you're looking for something a bit lighter with fresh citrus notes, KILIAN's Bamboo Harmony is an absolute must-buy. It's crisp and refreshing without being forgetful or overpowering.

This delicate fragrance has notes of white tea, citrus, bergamot, brigade and neroli essences, making it perfect for wearing during the day and at night. And if you're looking for the perfect workplace-friendly fragrance that will get you compliments but won't offend your coworkers, this is the one.

It layers seamlessly with the KILIAN Paris Angels Share fragrance if you want to pack a heavenly-smelling punch. This is a killer combo, and folks will compliment you repeatedly while trying to figure out exactly what you're wearing.

This best-selling fragrance is available at KILIAN Paris and Neiman Marcus and comes in various sizes for different price points.

Velvet Orchid especially leans to the sweeter end of the spectrum with key notes of honey, velvet orchid accord and vanilla.
$115 at Sephora

Tom Ford has some of the most long-lasting fragrances I’ve ever used. I’ve been using Velvet Orchid and Black Orchid for over four years now, and after applying just two light sprays to my entire body (don’t worry — that’s really all you need), the scent lingered on a shirt I wore just once for at least a month.

Duration aside, these fragrances all have a signature warm and floral leading note that works for all sexes. I love wearing this one on its own — it’s that intense and memorable.

This fragrance comes in four sizes with prices starting at just $25.

Unlike Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, Black Orchid has more robust and masculine key notes like black truffle, patchouli and, of course, black orchid.
$215 at Sephora

Of these two Tom Ford fragrances, this one is a little easier to layer and, in fact, pairs perfectly with Maison Margiela “REPLICA” Jazz Club or Jo Malone London Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense. Wear either of these combos, and you’ll have everyone turning heads in the best way possible.

This fragrance also comes in four sizes with prices starting at just $50.

Miraceti, one of my new favorites, is warm, peppery and herbal.
$195 at Aēsop

Aēsop is known most for high-end hand soaps and skin care that fit that timeless, luxury aesthetic that so many people love. While those are the brand's most recognizable exports, its fragrances are some of its most underrated products!

While its full line consists of eight unique fragrances that smell unlike any others on the market, there are two that stand out the most. Miraceti makes the perfect base fragrance for layering vanilla-heavy, muskier and more mysterious scents like Tom Ford Black Orchid or KILIAN Paris Angels Share.

If you're looking for a fragrance that's warm and comforting on the nose without being overpowering while remaining prevalent on the skin all day long, this is definitely worth the purchase.

This unisex fragrance has top notes of black pepper, green maté and chilli leaf and base notes of myrrh, cedar and red seaweed, making it the ideal woodsy and earthy fragrance for everyday wear.

This one smells clean, with a bit of a twist on the essence of fresh laundry. It's moody and has herbaceous notes with nods to the seashore.
$195 at Aēsop

Karst is another Aēsop favorite that doesn't get the hype it deserves. While so many opt for designer-led "clean" scents like the popular — and slightly overrated — Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, this niche fragrance is more complex and, unlike most fashion-designer-crafted fragrances, isn't one note.

This one's another unisex fragrance with top notes of juniper, pink pepper and bergamot and base notes of vetiver, sandalwood and cedar. It's ideal for layering with more powerful scents to amp up the volume and create a blend that's unique to you. Since its vibe is so crisp and clean, it honestly pairs well with anything.

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