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12 best kettles for the perfect cup of tea

From electric to stovetop, there are the best kettles to shop now. (Getty)
From electric to stovetop, there are the best kettles to shop now. (Getty)

A kettle is a kitchen must-have, not just for fast access to boiling water but for the endless cups of tea and coffee you can enjoy in minutes.

It's a varied market, however, some come with high-tech specifications, such as LED displays or in many different colours, while others are cheap, cheerful, and get the job done.

Therefore, to give you a helping hand during your online shopping, we've scoured the shops to find the leading brands and kettles that are easy to use and deliver a steaming cup of tea or coffee with every use.

We've rounded up the best 12, covering a range of needs, from fast boiling times, stove top models, electric and eco-friendly designs, and even the most aesthetically pleasing.

From big-name brands like Smeg, KitchenAid and Le Creuset to budget-friendly counterparts from John Lewis, Russell Hobbs and Dunelm, your new brew is only a few clicks away...

The best kettles for your teas and coffee

Smeg KLF03 Kettle | £149 from John Lewis

This Smeg kettle is expensive but worth it, boasting anti-slip feet and a stainless steel limescale filter.

When it comes to colourful, luxury kitchenware, there's no better than Smeg. If you have a bigger budget, this mint green kettle is an eye-catching design, with a 360 degrees swivel base, soft-opening lid, removable limescale filter, and automatic shut-off at 100 degrees celsius.

Russell Hobbs 26051 Cordless Electric Kettle | £25 from Amazon

Russell Hobbs 26051 Cordless Electric Kettle
This kettle has been designed to refrain from boiling if there's not enough water in it, to save damaging the appliance.

For every luxury kettle, there's a budget-friendly alternative, like this black one from Russell Hobbs. It takes just 43 seconds to boil, with a 1.7-litre capacity, and is lightweight and easy to clean.

John Lewis & Partners JLK093 1.7L Kettle | £25 from John Lewis

John Lewis & Partners JLK093 1.7L Kettle
This fuss-free kettle from John Lewis is perfect if you're shopping on a budget.

Another affordable find comes via John Lewis' in-house range, Anyday. For less than £30, this kettle is smart, simple and efficient. Available in silver or black, it has a soft-opening lid to prevent hot water from splattering and shuts off once the water has boiled.

HAY Sowden kettle 1.5L | £100 from Selfridges

HAY Sowden kettle 1.5L
This HAY Sowden kettle has a 1.5-litre capacity.

This Hay kettle has a retro, minimalist feel and is as stylish as it is functional. Made in durable stainless steel, it has an ergonomic handle and easy-to-pour snout to prevent spillages.

Morphy Richards 100132 Venture Pyramid Kettle | £59.99 from John Lewis

Morphy Richards 100132 Venture Pyramid Kettle
Morphy Richards 100132 Venture Pyramid Kettle

This kettle is ideal if you like the aesthetic of a stovetop design but want the convenience and fast-boiling times of an electric one. It also has a removable filter that's easy to keep clean and quiet when boiling water.

Dunelm 1.7L 3.kW Matt Navy & Copper Jug Kettle | £38 from Dunelm

Dunelm 1.7L 3.kW Matt Navy & Copper Jug Kettle
This is a fast boiling and reasonably priced kettle from Dunelm.

A stylish kettle needn't break the bank, which is why we love this navy and copper number from Dunelm. It has a removable water filter, 360 degree swivel base, and is quick to boil. What more do you need?

Cuisinart Signature Multi-Temp jug kettle | £100 from Selfridges

Cuisinart Signature Multi-Temp jug kettle
This Cuisinart jug kettle has a large spout to prevent spillages when pouring.

Going beyond your typical cheap and cheerful kettle, this is a slick kitchen appliance from Cuisinart. You can select a water temperature of 85-100 degrees celsius, digital controls, auto shut-off when there's no water in it, and easy use for right and left-handers.

Ninja Kettle | £99 from Amazon

Ninja Kettle
This Ninja Kettle has manual temperature controls.

Ninja has also made a high-spec piece of tech with its kettle. Bringing water to boil in under 50 seconds, you can choose from pre-set temperatures ranging from 60-100 degrees celsius and the hold temp button allows you to maintain the water temperature for up to 30 minutes.

Le Creuset Traditional Kettle | £79 from Wayfair

Le Creuset Traditional Kettle
This stovetop kettle is suitable for all hob types.

This is your classic stovetop kettle. Made from enameled steel, it's durable and whistles to let you know when your tea is ready to be made. The handle is also locked in an upright position so you pour without splashing hot water.

De'Longhi Active Line Kettle | £34.99 from Amazon

De'Longhi Active Line Kettle
This De'Longhi kettle comes with a removable and washable water filter.

According to one happy shopper on Amazon, this kettle is "brilliant". They went on to say: "Easy to fill as the lid pops up at the press of a button, no spillage or awkwardness at all. Responsive switch, accurate gradient measure to easily see how much water you have in the jug. Fits on to the base firmly. Boils quietly and rapidly, handles well even when full, and pours accurately."

Kitchen Aid Almond Cream Artisan kettle | £149 from Selfridges

Almond Cream Artisan kettle
Keep your kitchen colourful with this durable stainless steel kettle.

Another stylish kettle on our list is this cream design from KitchenAid. It has a 1.5-litre capacity and an adjustable temperature gauge.

Morphy Richards 102786 Brushed Equip Stainless Steel Jug Kettle | £29.99 from Amazon

Morphy Richards 102786 Brushed Equip Stainless Steel Jug Kettle
This Morphy Richards kettle has more than 3,000 4.5-star reviews on Amazon.

This affordable kettle is an Amazon bestseller, with one review reading: "I'm glad I opted for this cheap and cheerful stainless steel model. It looks nice in the kitchen, the base is very neat and it brings water to the boil quite quickly."