The Best At-Home Hair Dyes for When You Can't Get to the Salon

Shannon Lawlor

For those among us who dye their hair, I trust that you understand the annoyance of regularly salon trips all too well. Besides the fact that colouring your hair is insanely expensive, it also takes up a lot of valuable time and requires some serious commitment. Take myself, for example, with every salon trip, I get my balayage brought up so that my blonde streaks start roughly two to three inches from my roots. It has now been four months since my last colour appointment, and it’s fair to say my once-beachy balayage now resembles just-tipped dip-dye.  

The reason I leave it so long between salon treatments is because I deem going to the salon a bit of a nuisance. The truth is regular salon trips are often so inconvenient that regular colour touch-ups aren’t always doable, and that’s okay. So what exactly can be done to help grown-out lengths? Well, I truly never thought I’d say it, but box dyes have come a really long way. And while I do advise a permanent box dye should always be a last resort, more recently we’ve also seen a rise in products that help prolong the life of colour without relying on strand-damaging bleach.

So if your roots are overdue some TLC and you’re seriously considering taking measures into your own hands, keep scrolling for the best at-home hair tints, colours, glosses and dyes to help tide you over.

Josh Wood Colour Permanent Hair Dye (£10)

When it comes to at-home dyes, these Josh Wood colours are as good as they get. Not only are they super easy to use, they are also incredibly conditioning and kind to hair. Most importantly though, the finished results look incredibly natural.

Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care (£41)

This thick and richly nourishing mask not only helps to condition colour-weary strands, but also deposits temporary pigment to help restore colour brilliance. 

Clairol Root Touch Up (£6)

If it's just your roots that need a touch-up, there's no need to jeopardise the health of your lengths too. This super easy-to-use colour comes with a handy brush so that you can just apply the dye to the roots.

Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask (£29)

If your overdue colour appointment was scheduled to be more of a colour refresh rather than a total overhaul, then this clever mask could be perfect. Simply slather all over clean, wet hair, leave for 5 minutes and wash off to reveal beautifully toned lengths.

Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Dye (£7)

Forget burning scalps and flat-looking colour, this at-home permanent colour solution contains a tonne of different flower oils which, compared to formulas of yesteryear, leaves hair shinier, smoother and healthier.

Christophe Robin Temporary Color Gel (£30)

This temporary gel is the perfect way to help disguise greys and the colour pay-off itself is subtle enough so that you can avoid drastic issues. It's the perfect quick fix. 

Bleach London Champagne Super Toner Kit (£9)

Ideal for those with blonde hair that's starting to turn brassy, this powerful at-home toner gives a long-lasting pearly finish to pre-lightened hair that needs a helping hand. 

Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme (£12)

Besides the fact this temporary colour creme helps boost vibrancy between salon trips, the thing that makes it most wonderful is just how glossy, shiny and nourished it leaves hair after the very first use. 

Rita Hazan True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss (£21)

From the superstar hair stylist responsible for Beyoncé's colour, this easy-to-use in-shower hair gloss keeps colour looking salon-fresh. 

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour (£5)

If you usually find box kits too tricky to navigate, this quick permanent colour is formulated as a foam to make things super easy (and a lot less messy). 

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