Best hair removal cream


Summer is fast approaching and if you’re anything like us, now’s the time that the great annual defuzzing process begins.

After a long winter hanging onto your fur to keep you warm in Arctic temperatures, now spring sunshine, holidays and skirts (call it the Miu Miu micro effect) are back on the agenda. This means it’s time to call out the big, quick guns and get your legs, arms and anywhere else be silky smooth without the pain, cost or time for a full-on wax.

Whether you opt to remove your hair or not is completely your prerogative, but for the lazy girl (or guy) guide – look no further.

Hair removal creams may well be the most effortless form of defuzzing on the market. IPL laser machines are more permanent, epilators are more technologically advanced and razors are ideal for taking on the go, but these lotions have something its contemporaries do not and that’s pure unadulterated ease. Oh and they’re kinder on your bank balance too.

Smooth onto the limbs in question, wait the required time, and smooth hair-free skin is yours for the taking with serious touch appeal - averting cuts and burns from the process.

No tedium, no pain, and no toxic aromas: these depilatory creams have had a major update since the 90s. While they still may not be the most pleasant scent, they are better - but most of all, are effective and with the short time it takes to work its magic, the fragrance isn’t really all that important. Plus you’ll love the feel of your hair-free legs.

The formulations work by effectively melting the hair and more specifically the hair proteins to give more long-lasting results than shaving as you’re targeting the depilatories below the skin’s surface. That being said, this is still a short-term solution as new hair returns in just a few days. Also, if you’ve got sensitive skin, there is always a chance they may irritate, so always do a patch test first and monitor the skin for 24 hours afterwards.

Pay attention to designated product for specific areas of the skin, most importantly of all sensitive parts like the face and bikini area to ensure they are gentle. You can also find products for men to tackle chest, arms, legs and underarms quickly and without leaving prickly stubble.

Feel your most confident self in the first warm weather post-lockdown with these easy does it hair removal creams.

Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin

Veet is almost synonymous with hair removal creams - so known is the brand that it became a verb in the process: ‘Did you Veet your legs?’.

As popular today as it was back then, the brand has stayed at the forefront of depilatory creams by constantly innovating its formulations. This one is designed specifically for sensitive skin without sacrificing on efficacy. Even short hair is whisked away after just five minutes of applying this cream. It is formulated with the additions of aloe vera and vitamin E to counteract possible irritations and leave your skin silky soft in the process.

Apply to your legs, arms, underarms and bikini line - and best of all, do so while in the shower for most mess free hair removal process to date.

Buy now £7.49, Boots

Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Cream 200ml

Nair is another brand that is leading the pack in depilatory creams - and like its biggest competitor, it too offers a seamless hair removal process without nicks, cuts or stubble left behind. Long-lasting softness is achieved with moisturising ingredients like Camellia Oil and Ylang Ylang extract. You can also apply this sensitive skin formula to any area on the body - be it your legs, bikini or underarms - and in five to six minutes, you’re hairless and ready to party.

Buy now £6.19, Boots

Veet Hair Removal Cream Bundle

This bundle packs both a specialised face removal cream and a body iteration into one handy savings galore. Both are made up of Veet’s latest formulation that has been enriched with a trademarked Hydro’Restor that is designed to boost hydration levels as it tackles hair removal from the roots. Smooth skin for longer? Yes please.

Buy now £13.39, Boots

WooWoo Intimate Hair Removal Cream

As the playful name suggests, this is one for the intimate area. “Don’t beat around the bush” explains the brand; lather it onto the bikini line when you step into the shower (shielding from the water) and in three minutes, it gets to work tackling the stubborn pubic region. Hair be gone.

Buy now £6.75, FeelUnique

sunny - the body hair removal cream

The brand sunny founded its hair removal company to take the fuss out of your defuzzing. First and foremost, both the face and body creams scented are scented with a melon aroma - a far cry from the rotten egg scent of the original hair removal lotions. They also both take just three to five minutes and have been dermatologist tested to prevent bumps, rashes and irritations.

Buy now £7.00, Boots

Veet Men Hair Removal Cream Chest & Body 200ml

While hair removal creams don’t really need to be gendered, Veet is offering a product for men to tackle the hair on backs, chests, shoulders, arms and just about anywhere else. In only four minutes, it leaves the area feeling smooth to the touch without razor rash or prickly stubble - and ensures it stays this way for longer.

Buy now £7.49, Superdrug

Klorane Soothing Hair Removal Cream with Sweet Almond 75 ml

With over 50 years of haircare experience under its belt, Klorane has changed track with this product. Instead of looking after the hair, it removes it with all the gentleness we’d come to expect from the botanical-based label. Enriched with sweet almond, it leaves skin nourished and can even be used on the face and bikini or in any sensitive place.

Buy now £14.77, Amazon

Veet Pure Hair Removal Cream Bikini & Underarms

This Veet applicator is simplifying hair removal of the underarm region with the tube that has a domed head that adapts to the contours of the area. Simply squeeze the product directly, leave for five minutes (or up to 10) and then use a spatula to scrape it, and the offending hair, off.

Buy now £7.35, Boots

Veet Hair Removal Cream Natural Grape Seed Body & Legs

If it’s the unpleasant aroma that has put you off depilatory creams in the past, enter this grape seed oil formulation that has basically no fragrance at all. The results are good too - skin is addictively soft and regrowth doesn’t feel as prickly compared to shaving. It shouldn’t cause irritation, is quick and painless.

Buy now £4.99, Superdrug

Nair Tough Hair Removal Cream

Get tough with your body hair and bring in the big guns in the form of this cream from Nair. Lily flower extract and cotton seed oil combine to create this Tough Hair formula that will remove even the thickest in one fell swoop. No shaving rashes here.

Buy now £3.08, Superdrug

Nads Facial Hair Removal Creme

When it comes to hair removal on your face, you want a product that won’t irritate or cause any downtime. Enter Nads and this creme that will lift finer hairs without leaving redness or lumps or bumps behind. The smell is not the most pleasant but it gets the job done - and quickly.

Buy now £4.99, Superdrug

Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream Lotus Milk & Jasmine

Spray on and go. You don’t even have to spread this formula, which makes it ideal for those hard to reach areas like the back of the legs. Apply onto the area and in three minutes, remove it. Whether you have a big event or a holiday, this will simplify the getting ready process.

Buy now £7.69, Superdrug